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  1. And Then I have seen the log book for this cache and all the people who have found it before and since the first 2 claims are in it..... Strange how some people need the smiley
  2. Sorry chibico, I was the guy who brought your coin to Calgary. The cacher in question has not answered any of my e-mails about my coin too. And I did ask very nicely at first.... To no avail. I made some changes to my coin page reflecting what I believe has happened to my coin... Pretty sure it won't help but it made me work out some of my frustration.....
  3. November 13 by bcrockcrawler, xstitcher, & BMXer (702 found) So I heard the 'You got mail' beep about 6:30 PM tonight but didn't look at it until 9:30 PM... HOLY COW!!!! The Geocoin Fairy has visited one of our caches. OK, it's dark, windy and this would be a little over a 1K hike. In the woods.... at night... like bears and cougars hang out on the side of the lake the cache is on.... My SAR training wispers "we look for people just like this, hiking at night and lost in the woods." We'll wait until morning.... Nope, I know I won't sleep a wink. xstitcher gets back from a short walk and says "Well..?" Load the pack with 3 flash lights, spare batteries, the cell phone and my head lamp, explain to BMXer on a map exactly where we're going. Trail head at 10:40 PM and off we go. 30 minutes later and we're at the cache.... I held my breath as xstitcher opened the cache. After all it's been almost 4 and a half hours since the post and way more time then that since the Fairy had visited the cache. More then enough time for a cacher or two to find it... Ahhh, but there it is in all its glowing pixie dust glory. #152 We traded an unactivated personal coin. This game continues to amaze us and we feel blessed to have been visited by The Geocoin Fairy. We hope you enjoyed your short visit to our fair city, wished the weather was a little better for you and we are truely thankfull for the gift. Don't catch a chill now. While we were there, we also placed a new log book in the cache, added a couple of new swag items and replaced the garbage bag.... I'm still smiling.....
  4. We found this container this summer. It's been up since December of '05. It's not quite Pathfinder size, but will sleep two nicely. And yes, that's an open umbrella in it....
  5. Gee, I feel like whitebear...... Octobers been good: 2 Ontario Canada Geese 2 Mtn-man V2 Admin brick 2 Copper Geosquid 1 Hobo dude 1 Elchrich Elch 1 Buffalo Wings 2 Bad Mojo (Gold, Silver) 1 Team Sand Dollar V2 1 Belgium 1 Geopenguin 1 Topo Boots 1 2006 CITO 1 Tools of the Trade 1 Geocacher U 1 Mountain Cachoids 1 Canadian Volunteer Geocache Reviewers 2 FTF (Gold, Black Nickel) 1 Generic Geocoin And there's still one day left.. Oh, and trying to explain the sudden influx of coins to the wife..
  6. Hhmm.... Quebec? not Quebec, think more to the North OK, how about the Northwest Territories I fiqure if I throw enough darts, maybe one will hit the target
  7. I'd like one kit too please. Are you trading too?
  8. If it's not too late. please put me down for one complete set of 3 coins in each metal. Thanks
  9. Icenrye Productions has been producing micro cache videos and a 30 to 40 minute internet brodcast about once a month for quite awhile now. He's based in Prince George BC Canada but has included segments from several North American locations. You should check it out.
  10. If there are any left in the treasure chest, I would like two of each metal please....
  11. The links to the pages that have the icons appear to be wrong/broken, I have the same problem. I thought they would have the problem fixed by now
  12. DOH!!! That works fine, I'll make the changes tonight, thanks for the info.
  13. I'm trying to edit this travel bug page by adding Dutch and German translastions to the Mission explanation part of the cache page. Does anyone know if it's possible to get around the character length? I completly understand why it is in place, I'm just wondering if the Groundspeak staff can make exceptions on a page by page basis.... Quote Your Travel Bug mission is too long. It can only be a maximum of 1000 characters. /Qoute
  14. I've now sent about 10 coins from up in Canada to the US and one coin to the UK. The 10 to the US have cost me: By ground, about $2 for postage for one coin, about $0.40 for a #000 padded mailer, about $0.50 for another envelope for inside the #000. Most coins I receive are just loose in the #000, I just prefer to do a little more to ensure that if the mailer gets opened some how, then there's less chance that the coin will fall out. But it's extra work and I'm only sending out 1 to 3 coins at a time so I'm willing to do that. By Air, I've tried sending 3 coins by air to see if they get to Texas and Florida faster, they havn't arrived yet so I can't say if air saves time. Each coin was $5.50 by air, same cost for mailer, etc. I'm thinking, it's a waste of postage. To the UK: By Air, really the only reasonable way of sending a coin in a timely manner. About $6 and the same for the mailers etc. Remember these are Canuck bucks but our Loonie and your Greenback are a lot closer in value these days and the coins I get from the US seem to have 2 to 3 dollars in postage attached.... If your sending coins outside the country, you'll have to fill out a customs form for each package. Up here in Canada, there's no additional cost, (not sure about the US but I doubt there is a cost, check though) but even with out cost, it is time consuming. About 5 mins per form. Just to let you know. You may be able to pick up the customs form from the Post office before hand to fill out, but I'm not sure you can do that and there is usually 2 parts to it with one for the envelope and one to get stamped for you. As far as adding costs for gas, time etc.... Not much help there.
  15. OK, here is some advice, RULE ONE: The most important thing to remember is that these are YOUR coins and to that end, all your decisions about them should make you happy first. Having said that, asking for advice from fellow cachers is great as long as you default to rule number one. Only make the amount of coins that you can afford, selling them is fine but consider carefully wether you want to take that on yourself or have the manufacture do that for you. There are additional costs to either solution. I would think about putting a hold on the pre pre orders now and approach a few manufatures about prices and their services (Such as selling them for you, etc) That way you will have a much better idea about the numbers of coins you can produce. I've sent you an e-mail with a suggestion on a company to contact because of the great service we recieved. A local cacher who has expressed interest in your coin, whitebear, produced 500 coins, 200 each in silver and gold along with 100 copper. He then had the company thad made them sell the 400 and kept the 100 as his personal traders. I would suggest that you do something similar. If you're close to having the 50 gold coins spoken for, then make 100 with you keeping 50 for your own use. Gifts, trades, etc. It still makes the gold a LE, in my opinion, and it gives you some coins to do with as you wish. You could even keep some of the other colors too, but that is up to you and the big factor here is what you can afford. I personaly value traded personal coins more then purchased personal coins, especialy if I've traded with the cacher that has produced the coin. That's not to say that I don't buy any, it's just that I feel that when you trade an item that you're proud of ( and you should be proud of the coin you produce ) with another cacher who probably feels the same way about their own coin, that adds something to the deal. But that is just my opinion and should have no bearing on what you would like to do. I hope this helps, producing your own personal coin is, well personal and the experience can be great, ok, or down right scary. As you can see from all the interest shown your coin here, your experience should be fine. I can't wait to see them.
  16. Well dabhid07, I guess I've held the quiz up long enough, I was hoping someone from the Kamloops area would have been able to answer the question. You got half the question right, so the ball is in your court. Ask away..... Rory
  17. Although the Canadian geocaching community is spread out over our vast country, the nature of how it's played out on the internet allows all to see, if they wish, how the game and it’s players are doing in all parts of the country. It shrinks distance and in the end, makes the community more like a neighborhood that is very close knit. As I sit here on the west coast and read the words written down here by people both close to 1701eh and knew him well and others who only knew of him, I feel a loss at never having the opportunity to have met the man. I thought that I did not know anything about him at all but even out here on Vancouver Island I can say that knew of him. It so happens that about a year ago as I scanned cache pages to get some ideas for my next cache hide, I came across a cache called ‘Some Like It Hot’ by Amazon Annie. The idea intrigued me and I read all the logs. The one for July 1, 2005 actually caught my eye and as I read the log and viewed the rather provocative pictures by 1701eh I thought to myself that this guy really enjoys the game and is not afraid to show it. Even just in August, I was fortunate to be able to answer a question he posted on the ‘Canadian Geopub Quiz’ portion of the Canada forum. My thoughts are with the family. I know there will be rough roads ahead but it is clear that they are surrounded by family and friends who truly care for them. Rory Brown Nanaimo BC
  18. How about that, it was not a big guess as a few years ago the 4 wheel drive I belonged to was involved with the Nanaimo Search and Rescue. I attended several training days and the "Hug a Tree" program was explained. I just was not sure of where the program started. OK going back to the picture theme, this is in what populated area (city) of BC and what cache is very close to it? First part should be easy, second may be a little more difficult.....
  19. I'm going to be away from the 'putor this weekend starting tomorrow so I'll give the answer and toss the button back into the ring and open it up to the next cacher who can pick it up the fastest. "Breakover angle" is the angle that measures the ability of a vehicle to cross over an obstacle with out the vehicle touching the obstacle in the middle or either the front or rear tires losing contact with the ground while the crossing takes place. The average SUV from the factory has a breakover angle of about 20 degrees. If you install bigger tires or a lift kit on your 4X4 your anglr will increase. Next geopub quiz question is open to the next poster......
  20. Yes, but there are many othere benefits that go along with the pay method. You can get instant notification of new caches as soon as they're published. You can dowload GPX files which when opened in a program like GSAK allow you do download information directly to GPSs and PDAs You can do searches along routes. You can actually use the geocaching.com maps. I cached for 3 years as a member and 1 year as a premium member. I even had the chance to become a charter member.... dang I wish I had done that Anyways, I'm glad I popped for the Premium membership.
  21. 20 plus years of marriage, lived in sin a couple before that 4 kids, only the boy left at home. We did some hobbies together before, 4 wheeling, Season ticket holders for our local JR A hockey team ( she suggested we get them ) When I found Geocaching, I was looking for a GPS to use 4 wheeling, it looked like an interesting game. I borrowed a GPS, got skunked on the first hunt. Called her down because I locked the keys in the truck. She helped look, still skunked with a 'What a stupid game' thrown in for good measure. Next day, found a cache on my own, dragged the wife down with the pretense of lunch on the water front. Had a great lunch, convinced her to give that cache another try. Found it and the significant other could see some merit in the game. 2 weeks later we had our first GPS and we were off.... and boy did she take to the game. We now own 4 gps receivers and she does not hesitate to go out caching on her own. Who knew.... It's been great to share something that we both totally enjoy.
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