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  1. Really! Columbia makes a pair of pants that are very GPS friendly. So much so that they are called, (drum roll please) GPS pants! They have a cavernous pocket that will hold perhaps even a 1st or 2nd generation GPSr. They even have little pocklets (that's right) to hold a flip-type phone, or spare GPS food.


    Oh, they're rather comfortable and quite fashionable too. Females will feel in style with these also.


    I found them at Dick's Sporting Goods, and I believe I spotted them in Campmor and REI catalogs. Get them!

  2. MAP76S was found under the tree. I am amazed at its accuracy and features. The mapping feature is very convenient even without the optional CDs.


    Using it to find a cache (a difficult one, I say) the compass feature was good, though I also use a real compass. The cache became difficult to find due to canopy, moved away and I was back in the hunt.


    I also like the sensitivity of the 76S. It keeps lock even in the armrest beverage holder of my vehicle, will work inside the house (my couch has coordinates!), only loses lock when I drive under bridges-that is typical.


    This is my 1st GPSr and I don't regret the choice. Ordered from gpsdiscount.com, very pleased with the deal. It was here the next day, great price, no shipping.


    GL with the choice, there are so many!

  3. I echo Centuar on the Garmin MAP76S. Mine seems to be within 0.1MPH of my vehicle's analog speedometer (2002 Ford F150 pickup). It seems to show direction change very quickly also. I can't complain! Today I had a "personal best" accuracy of 8.9'. All this happened with the unit being held in my hand in the vehicle's cabin (I don't recommend doing this!).

  4. My first GPSr. I ordered on-line from gpsdiscount.com. Let's see, ordered at about 6PM, go to daughter's swim team banquet, come home. 1-1/2 hours later, my order is in the hands of FedEx! And gpsdiscount didn't charge for shipping! Sent by FedEx Express Saver Package (I figured that would be something like USP 2nd day ground). It's sitting on my living room floor at the NEXT 6PM!


    I can't wait to check the GPSr out, alas, I must wait for unwrapping frenzy day (that's Boxing Day Eve for those above 42N). For the curious, it's a Garmin Map 76S (not bad for a 1st unit, eh?) Price was the best I found that day too. Did I say free shirt? I could have ordered the instructional video with it and STILL beat somebody else's price sans video.


    Now the daughter needs some good hiking shoes under the tree, she likes caching too!

  5. K2UD, Howard in Buffalo, NY. Started 'caching last week, just received my GPSr (in that order!).


    HF'ers DO take to the boonies. For the most part, they are QRP operators like myself. Doing more with less, keeping it simple, enjoying the great outdoors, these have much to do with 'caching methinx.


    Howard K2UD

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