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  1. That was fast! Thank you so much! Its working now and I got my PQ! NVGreenGecko
  2. Thanks for the note about 7 days but I think you misunderstood what I wrote. Prior to attempting to run a my finds PQ, it had been months since I ran one yet every time I tried, it would say it was scheduled but then my request would disappear and it never actually ran. Its been three weeks now and I still can't get even one to run. Is there a problem with the my finds pocket query function? If its just me I will email Groundspeak directly. Thanks!
  3. I haven't been able to run a my finds pocket query in three days. I click on the button to run and it says its added to queue but it never shows up and five minutes later looks like I never requested it.
  4. I still cannot upload pictures to my logs. Is there now a limit as to the size of the file? I thought it was unlimited since it got resized anyway. Thanks!
  5. Leave the down at home and bring synthetic. Pack covers for sure as well as gaiters. Have a great time!
  6. A gallon size ziploc baggie containing a thin pair of flip flops and some wet wipes to wash the dust off my feet before climbing into my sleeping bag. It feels SO good to get out of the boots and wiggle my toes and the wet wipes always feel so refreshing on my tired feet. (And if I have to 'water the plants' in the middle of the night, its quick and easy to slide into the flip flops rather than mess with the boots and laces.)
  7. I have a Camelbak Rim Runner 3L pack. I love it and will never go back to carrying bottles. So very handy. Tons of cargo room also. But I do have one question... How do you keep the water out of the tube and in the bladder? I hate being on the trail and taking a drink and the first few swallows are warm water. Yuck! I've seen on another site today that you can just blow air back into the mouthpiece and therefore up the tube to force it back into the bladder. Has anyone tried that and how did it work out? I know about the tube sleeves you can put on them to insulate it but how well do those work? I could have sworn at one point I saw some gadget that you could attach to the tube that was supposed to keep the water in the bladder and out of the tube until you took a drink but I'll be darned if I can find it now. Any tips would be much appreciated! Thanks!
  8. Welcome home Mr and Mrs Coyote!
  9. Aha! That looks SO helpful! Can't wait to sit down some time and try it! Looking at it makes it seem a lot less confusing than just reading about it. Thank you so much Markz68!!!
  10. So happy to find this thread. Some of you are pretty smart with this stuff! Whoo hooo! I just switched last night from using Spinner and Plucker to GSAK and Cache Mate. Its so much faster! I'd really like to try figuring out the faster way of logging but I think I'll get settled with these new programs first before I try all the cool tricks you guys mentioned. I don't really understand why you need to have GSAK keep track of your found caches. When I run a PQ, I tell it to ignore any caches that I own or have found. I don't think I have even finished setting up GSAK. Am I supposed to tell it where I live? I'm thinking that is for maybe more advanced stuff than what I really need to do? I just want the caches on my palm and GPS and a quick and easy way to log. I use the filters on geocaching.com when I run the PQ. Huge question that a couple of us in Reno have. When you mark a cache as found on Cache Mate, then at the end of the caching day, send them all to memo pad.... how the heck do you get the memos to appear in date/time order? It puts them in alphabetical order by cache name and that is tricky if you want to log them in the actual order found. I realize I could just arrow through them and look for the next time stamp but it would be really great if the memo list was in order of the time you actually marked them as found. You can reply here and/or (please!!) send me an email to NVGreenGecko@aol.com Thanks so much!
  11. Oh, you're just too funny. Not fair. I have nothing to tease you about.
  12. New episode tonight Holly! Lauren is catching up on last weeks show. Love that scene: C: 'Yeah, but I'm here.' H: 'Oh yeah? Prove it!' SLAP! HAHAHA!!!! Yeah, Locke is smart but he's too stuffy! He hardly knows how to smile. That gets old. I would have way more fun with Sawyer. Gotta have a good sense of humor! OK. Almost time for the new show. My once a week fix. No new Grey's tonight. Ugh!
  13. The new forums are up on the GBES website! Whoo hooo!
  14. You are pulling my leg, right? I can't picture you listening to Led Zeppelin. Figured you more as a 'Sunny 106.9' kind of guy.
  15. Oh please, Teri! Geocaching is your life! Count yourself in your above mentioned statement!
  16. haha John! Anyone else unable to get into geocaching.com? Thank goodness I bookmarked the thread or I couldn't get here either. Seems like it was acting up last night too. Ang
  17. Nothing that you need to worry about. LOL! My husband used to work for the company that staffs the arena where Led Zeppelin played in December. He was a manager and had to go there to make sure everyone showed up to work that day and all was running smooth. He got to hear some of Led Zeppelin's sound check while they played before the show. He could have stayed and seen the concert for free but he doesn't like that kind of music so he left. I say he is unworthy and Holly wants to slap him! He is more into the 'mellow' music that you like, John. haha Second topic was the TV show LOST and the hotties that are on the show! We're married, but not dead! We can appreciate!!
  18. OMG! Holly!!!!! He is SO unworthy!!! LOL!!!!! Just got off the phone with Al. Finally remembered to ask him about the show last month. He didn't stick around for the actual concert but was there and heard a chunk of Led Zeppelin singing and doing their sound check! Lucky bastard!!! Told him if they really do a World Tour and its anywhere on the west coast that 'Love ya honey but I'm leaving with Holly for the weekend cuz we are going to see Zeppelin!!!' HAHA! He just laughed and said OK. I've been to the arena where they played last month but only from the outside. LOL! Its one of the city bus stops on the route from London to Greenwich. You can walk to that place within 45 minutes from my hubby's house. Lets hope they do decide to tour and we can make it to one. OK. Get back to your taxes. I'm going to take my kid to the park. Its cold out there!
  19. Never been there but the idea of living in a small, coastal fishing town in Maine seems very appealing. Will have to check it out someday. Hubby wants to retire in a small town. Me too. I grew up in a small town in the country and miss it. Thought about retiring in the English countryside too but I think its way too early to seriously consider that.
  20. Would love to retire to an island or somewhere close to the ocean! Are you kidding? Holly and I argue over who gets who on that show! We are both in love with Sayid and Sawyer. Yummo eye candy once a week! (Give me a little slack here. You have your man. Mine is 5000 miles away! )
  21. Thought you worked in an office away from the floor? Have you considered working in Reno? Lots of jobs here start at $12 so you wouldn't be asking for anything different. What is average starting salary in Carson?
  22. Teri, call me if you want help getting Season 3 of LOST. You just gotta drive to Reno. Hope you all have a nice weekend. (Except you Holly! I know you are doing taxes! Sorry!) Tomorrow Lauren and I are heading out to Galena Creek Park for a while. Hope we don't come home too frozen. Sunday I'm watching the game. Don't really care who wins since my team (Steelers) is out of it. Who are you all rooting for?? Angie
  23. Teri, you can always rent the show from Hollywood or Blockbuster. They both carry it. Off to work. Next week should be my last week in the office. :-)
  24. Ugh. Double post. I'm going to bed. Night!
  25. Checked the weather forecast. Snow days extended again. I'm really sick of this weather. Not having a great night. Feeling kind of sad and wishing it was June already. Going back to England for three weeks. Feels like its six years, not six months from now. I could really use a warm summer evening and a nice cold beer!!! Holly, no real rush on watching Lost. I thought it was just a so-so opener. Next week seems like it will be better.
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