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  1. If you want people to love micros, don't MIF 'em by putting micros in forests.
  2. Bzzzt! Wrong! I walk my route, only driving my car to several "staging points". I can't balance on an infinitely-thin line, therefore I can't ride a bike.
  3. I'm not laughing, chiggs. I made a stupid mistake, and ended up learning a lesson the hard way.
  4. I haven't gotten a refund because there was no refund for me to get. The bank hit me with NSF charges instead--C$42.50.
  5. I'd say just write a note when you're muggled out. (IBTL)
  6. I don't use credit. I don't make enough money per year to be eligible for any type of credit.
  7. A couple of days ago, I renewed my premium membership with geocaching.com. I paid with my usual bank account, and as a result, it now says I'm in the red! Is there a way I can roll this back?
  8. If you want to call a particular cache the millionth cache, you should find the cache that was published at exactly the same time the number of active caches first hit one million.
  9. This is how GSAK's FindStatGen renders my caching stats: But when I paste that stats box into my geocaching.com profile, look at what it becomes: Now Groundspeak's web server appears to be malfunctioning.
  10. Congratulations, Groundspeak. You now have a million caches for us to play with.
  11. Gripe terminated. I now have my stats.
  12. see you in a week. Unacceptable. That's like someone losing money to a scam. At least that's how it feels to me.
  13. Of course it only works in the States, not in Canada.
  14. Holy hell! I got my latest pocket query e-mail 43 times!
  15. You don't have over 500 finds, so you can just run a normal PQ with the options (Ive found) and (I Don't own) selected. This will pull all caches you've found except archived ones, which you'll have to go download the gpx manually. That's not what I asked for. Besides, that would require too much time and too much effort. Remember that normal PQs only include the last five logs, and most of my finds were more than five logs ago. It also doesn't take event caches into account.
  16. Okay, now can you reset the clock on my "my finds" pocket query? I wanted to try out FindStatGen when I downloaded that børked one.
  17. Here's your Markwell: http://coord.info/textmark.aspx
  18. And the Groundspeak Lackeys appear to be eerily silent on this issue. Seems they don't want us posting stats anymore.
  19. Oh, there will be no more stats generated. Groundspeak has put a stop to that by removing the logs from its "My Finds" PQs.
  20. Great. Groundspeak børks FindStatGen just two days before I use it for the first time. Just great. Hey, here's an idea. Upgrade your system so that it can serve "My Finds" pocket queries as frequently as users want.
  21. It's also called a "GET". At least, that's what 4chan calls it.
  22. Also called a SPOD - Suspicious pile o'debris.
  23. Somewhat. It will narrow down the area, but will not exactly pinpoint your location as accurately as a GPS. Well, geocachers almost always take GPSr's with them, so if they have a cell phone as well, they're completely prepared. You can also try putting out your emergency call on a shortwave ham radio transceiver. Shortwave signals can travel all the way around the globe, and you don't need a licence to use any portable radio to send distress calls.
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