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  1. Unfortunately, I'm in Canada, and Textmarks ignores Canada. So how do you get it to work in Canada?
  2. The ° symbol should be beside the entry field, not inside it. Either that or have the page automatically strip it out of the field when you click "submit".
  3. You could also try jabbing your finger and signing the log in blood if you so desired.
  4. The no solicitations guideline would prevent such a cache from being published. But I like what you're suggesting. Don't worry. There's a soda machine right nearby that you can put your quarter in instead. And it comes with a free logbook.
  5. Right now my centroid is in the middle of an agricultural land reserve in east Courtenay.
  6. I don't have a smartphone. I hate cell-phone contracts.
  7. ...when you think both ends of the ivy-covered wall at Wrigley Field conceal caches.
  8. Unfortunately, I don't have a caching companion. I'm looking for one, but so far, without success.
  9. There's already a mechanism in place to specify the size of an event cache--use the cache size field. Here is a rule I use: Micro: Less than 20 people show up Small: 20 or more but less than 100 Regular: 100 or more but less than 500 Large: 500 or more (a mega-event) Other: You want the turnout to surprise you Not chosen: You don't care how many
  10. Tap out the letter "G" in Morse Code on your car horn to identify yourself as a geocacher, and see if someone echoes it to you.
  11. DENelson83

    GPS Display

    You can change the data fields on that screen to show whatever you want. Just use the [Menu] key.
  12. DENelson83

    GPS Display

    Garmin GPSMAP 60CSx/76CSx/Oregon is what you're looking for. You can customize the data fields to show Lat/Lon and elevation. It's how I determined that some of the signposts on one of the pedestrian trails in the city where I live had incorrect coordinates on them.
  13. Because new ones are hard to find, plus you need to go through quite a bit of effort to set one up.
  14. Well, I posted an SBA log for a cache that was out of action for almost a year, and the cache owner replied to me, saying he should have been contacted before the SBA was posted and that I was burning some bridges. I'm thinking that's probably good advice. Agree or not?
  15. It gets me out exercising, it takes me to places I've never even thought to go, and it allows me to meet people I've never met before just because they go geocaching as well.
  16. Unless a cache tells me to use magnetic north or I'm caching by airplane, I always set it to true.
  17. I hardly ever run into other geocachers on my hunts. Heck, I can't even persuade any of them to share their resources with me by taking me with them on hunts. As for how to identify them in the wild, I have no clue other than what I have read here.
  18. Sorry, but I don't have a video camera.
  19. Somehow these more recent comments are really making me laugh.
  20. Yes, you can put both Topo and City Nav on the same SD card. You can switch the map display between the two sets on the 60CSx. Not sure about the Nüvi 705, though.
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