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  1. That's called vandalism, and if it's not against the rules of geocaching, it's certainly against common sense (and the law).
  2. It looks like Google is now using DMTI Spatial's data for maps in Canada. The data now looks almost the same as what I see on Garmin's Topo Canada v4 maps.
  3. Well, I compared the two on that same site, and it appears that bacon is far more popular than geocaching in Seattle.
  4. Just making sure that when he says "beta logger", he doesn't really mean "data logger"... Wait, isn't that exactly what a GPSr is???
  5. How about defining a "popular cache" as having the highest find rate in a given time period, like finds per day, or per week, or per month?
  6. Isn't that frowned on due to the fact it's an ALR?
  7. That milestone after 1024 is a real killer. Yeah, I personally like using "power of two" milestones.
  8. ZTF: "Zeroth to find" - refers to the cacher who placed a cache.
  9. I'm thinking the best application of QR codes in the geocaching world would be on Travel Bug tags.
  10. Hmmm... How interesting that just one day after this thread was started, a cache of this kind was hidden in my area. Wow!
  11. "Marker cache": The closest cache to your home coordinates that you placed. So-called because it effectively "marks" where you live.
  12. So, these new 78-series handhelds look to be the "Floating Oregons", or "Hawaiis" as I call them (even though they use the conventional buttons instead of a touchscreen).
  13. Change the "strong" in your tags to "span" and see what you get.
  14. I use geocacher-u.com's placard to tell people why I'm parked in such strange spots, and at events I wear a self-made badge.
  15. If you get a 76CSx instead, you can swap out map cards without having to remove the batteries first.
  16. The datum geocaching.com uses is WGS 84.
  17. Try this trick to update the firmware: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wa8i_bDAm5Y Turn the unit on, then turn it back off. When you turn it off, keep holding the power button down. Then hold the thumb stick in the up position at the same time, and update the system software from your computer. While it's updating, keep the power down held down and the thumb stick held in the up position. Once the update is complete, you can release the buttons.
  18. But then wouldn't that be a cache that solicited?
  19. How about being required to not use help from a public relations agency?
  20. I've heard of ALR's, but this qualifies as an ALM ("additional logging method"). Excellent idea.
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