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  1. Until this issue is fixed, you may use this kludge: http://www.geocaching.com/track/search.aspx?wid=(GUID of cache in question)
  2. PZ: "Proximity zone", the circular area 161 metres in radius and centred on a cache's published coordinates. So called because the saturation rule forbids any other caches from being placed within that zone.
  3. As of now, my F-H ratio is about 51.8.
  4. According to this link, there haven't been any interference tests in your area lately.
  5. Micros in forests. Those are bad.
  6. Sort of like GC1Z7H1, except that cache's coordinates are distributed among three TBs.
  7. "Pointless ghost chase": What a drunken bee dance degenerates into after giving up looking for a cache you can't seem to be able to find. "The Tunnel": The geocaching.com review queue. Once a cache is published, it is said to have emerged from The Tunnel.
  8. Not coming. Way out of range, and short on resources. Sorry.
  9. note the "View past Trackable" link actually exists, but doesn't hyper-reference anything. Markwelled...
  10. The last time I looked for a cache, I ended up assuming that it was on the ground, not knowing that it was actually at eye level. So can you add an attribute that tells cachers it is not on the ground, but instead suspended from a tree or affixed to a structure?
  11. By all means, that is the very first thing you need to do after turning your GPSr on for the first time after purchasing it or getting it as a gift. It might not seem like much but it will most likely save your bacon. The probability of you getting your GPSr back after losing it also increases if you mark your home waypoint on it.
  12. My caching zone is 10 km in radius. I cannot go beyond that distance due to resource limitations. However, if anyone is willing to donate or just take me along with them, I might be willing to extend that radius, but if not, then the 10 km limit will stand. (So obviously no Geo-Woodstock for me!) I have found all but about 10 caches currently active in my zone. The closest cache I have yet to find is just over 6 km away "as the crow flies".
  13. If you find yourself in a race for first to find on a newly published cache, and the cache owner made a mistake that turned out to have put you at an unfair disadvantage and consequently cost you the FTF, such as making an error in the coordinates or telling you to go in the wrong direction, you can claim a "technical FTF". You can only claim it if the time difference between your signature in the logbook and that of the FTF is less than the total time you spent between discovering the error and getting back on track (you must keep track of that figure yourself). If the cache owner accepts your claim, then you can officially put the cache in your own FTF column.
  14. Well, it only doesn't work on a page for a cache that currently has no trackables in it. Which is still a bug. I want that list, and I want it to show who dropped or removed a trackable into/from the cache in the past. Not where it is now or whatever. Well, it turns out that until this bug is fixed, there's a way around it. To get the trackable history for a cache that currently has no trackables in it, paste this into your address bar: http://www.geocaching.com/track/search.aspx?wid=(GUID of cache in question)
  15. TheVernShow must be some kind of comedy routine. 1000 caches in 24 hours? That's 42 caches per hour for 24 hours. Yep. Good luck with that. Which would be at least one cache find per just under minute and a half.
  16. GC114CK - Cliffe Hangar. GCWE4J - Postal's Park Puzzler. I ended up attempting each of these caches seven times before I finally found them.
  17. No, you can't get instant notifications via text message to your cell phone in Canada because the Textmarks service only works in the United States. Can someone at Groundspeak please find a text message notification solution for Canada?
  18. Well, it only doesn't work on a page for a cache that currently has no trackables in it.
  19. Seems you can't zoom that map on the cache page anymore. I really found that feature useful, and now it's gone...
  20. The "View past Trackables" link on a cache page has been neutered. It doesn't seem to work anymore.
  21. What the... How come I can't zoom the map on a cache page anymore?
  22. On http://www.geocaching.com/my/, do you think you could move the cache type and trackable type icons to a separate column? The way they're positioned now makes the list look cluttered.
  23. You just described what I refer to as a "marker cache". I have one, 40 m away from my house, and if I spot a cacher looking for it, it's simply because I got lucky.
  24. Which I have easily removed from the cache pages by using a well-known tool (which shall remain nameless here), since I don't use Facebook due to its heavy stigma.
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