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  1. No, PA's folder has a much thinner tab.
  2. Have you never noticed that this image looks uncannily like a map of the State of Oregon? Oregon is the birthplace of geocaching, as most of you may already know.
  3. "Magnet route" The route you follow when, after finding a cache, the very next cache you decide to look for and have yet to find is always the cache nearest to the one you just found.
  4. Instead of specifying lat and lon, why not just specify two-line elements for a geocache orbiting the Earth?
  5. I have my own geocaching flag image in my avatar.
  6. Um... That spider is missing a leg.
  7. No no no. It's how do the veteran *webwhackers* deal with them.
  8. It certainly is allowed to put a link to a video that helps you solve the puzzle. Just look at GC1WKKM.
  9. Never came. The journey would have bankrupted me.
  10. Which is way too far. I don't have the money to go beyond 10 km from my home coordinates. If you'd like to donate some, be my guest. But if you don't, my 10 km limit will have to stand.
  11. Can you put GeoWoodstock X in my area, please?
  12. Or the person who originally posted the log.
  13. I think this would look better if it showed a satellite in the sky.
  14. In the geocaching world, TF3, or TFTFTF, means "thanks for the first to find".
  15. "Green slime cache" A cache that consistently eludes a person's attempts to find it. So-called because it makes that person keep saying "I don't know where this cache is", and if you've ever seen the show "You Can't Do That On Television", you'll know that whenever a character on that show muttered the words "I don't know", (s)he got green slime dumped on his/her head.
  16. Of course, THE most dangerous place to go geocaching would be North Korea.
  17. The first GPS I got, only a few years ago, was an eTrex Legend. I got one because I thought it was fun to play with. When I initially showed it to my father, he immediately thought I had wasted my money on something that I, in his opinion, didn't need, so he put pressure on me to return it, even getting angry at me. Needless to say, I kept the unit, and only a few days later discovered geocaching, and started having real fun with my GPS.
  18. And the GPSMAP 62 and 78 series units.
  19. Once, I posted better coordinates for a cache and the cache owner told me to delete them. If a cache owner tells you to leave the coordinates alone when you know that they're clearly offset too much, that's grounds for an SBA.
  20. Down at the bottom, it says "There are 1 additional logs." Say what? Shouldn't it read "There is one additional log"?
  21. What's a goggle map? A map directly projected onto your retina?
  22. You can now find the TIGER map data at OpenStreetMap.org now.
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