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  1. How about the eTrex H? That's a pretty simple unit, and it has high sensitivity to boot.
  2. Ha! I should have known that one! That should really come in handy for geocaches that require you to project waypoints, such as GCB83A.
  3. Yep, your receiver reset its clock to 00:00 UTC April 1, 2007 as well.
  4. 1. GPS - GPSMAP 76CSx 2. Paperless Device and Software - This one will surprise you: A TI-89 Titanium graphing calculator. Works great! 3. Software for downloading Waypoints - None. I do that part manually. 4. Maps - Garmin City Nav, MetroGuide Canada and Topo Canada.
  5. If you go into altimeter setup on your 60CSx, and make sure "Auto Calibration" is on, then the GPS receiver will attempt to correct its altimeter using the GPS measurement. And since GPS-derived altitude is less accurate than the latitude and longitude, you'll definitely need to use the WAAS corrections. After all, it was the FAA that designed and implemented WAAS to begin with. Edit: Why do I have to edit so many of my posts on web forums? How come I can almost never come up with the correct wording on the first try?!?!?!
  6. Yeah, but military GPS receivers are very hard for even low level soldiers to acquire, and even then, they need to be on the battlefield first. You said you wanted a GPSr with a compass. You must be referring to the sensors, i.e. electronic compass and barometric altimeter. The only receivers I can find that fit all of your criteria are the eTrex Vista HCx, GPSMAP 60CSx and GPSMAP 76CSx. Get him one of those.
  7. Just heard about this update a few moments ago, and installed it without any major problems on my 76CSx, although when the install was finished, the unit's clock was reset to 00:00 UTC April 1, 2007! I had to put the unit back into AutoLocate mode to get a fix on the satellites again and thus reset its clock back to the correct time.
  8. First GPS receiver I got was an eTrex Legend, about thirteen months ago. Then I discovered I wanted a GPSr with the sensors (compass & altimeter), so I traded up to an eTrex Vista. Then I wanted the high-sensitivity receiver feature, so I traded up again last August, this time to a GPSMAP 76CSx. GOT GPS, are you still counting?
  9. In order to get transparencies in your custom POI icons to work properly on your Garmin GPSr, you need to take a screenshot of your GPSr using xImage. The resulting BMP file has the 8-bit color palette your GPSr expects.
  10. Uh, I think IBM might come after you next claiming trademark infringement, claiming "FizzyCalc" sounds too much like "VisiCalc". JK
  11. I simply modify the existing geocache symbol to colour it blue instead of gold to signify caches that I own. Man, I wish Garmin could allow its GPS receivers to accept names for custom waypoint symbols, because every time I use the Find feature to look for waypoints by symbol, all of the custom symbols simply have "Waypoint Symbol" printed next to them. I wish that could be changed.
  12. Just so you know, PRN 15 is now completely healthy and ready to use for navigation.
  13. 1. Yes, that problem still exists with the latest HCx firmware. And I think it's been fixed. Garmin has released firmware version 2.40 for the Vista HCx, with the note: "Changed odometer calculation to more closely match track log distance." http://www8.garmin.com/support/download_details.jsp?id=3709
  14. I can get my GPSr down to about 6 m accuracy while inside my apartment. The best accuracy I've gotten while outside was 2 m.
  15. I call mine simply the "you-are-here device."
  16. I'd say go with Garmin's eTrex H. A straight-to-the-point (no pun intended) receiver with high signal sensitivity.
  17. I'm thinking the correct Cyrillic would be "ГЕОКЕШИНГ.КОМ".
  18. Because that's an azimuth of 0° and an elevation of 0°.
  19. How were you holding the units? They need to be held with the display facing the sky's zenith to maintain a good satellite lock. Just because your units continually display an accuracy figure of 10m or better doesn't necessarily mean they're maintaining continuous locks on the satellites.
  20. That's why your GPSr knows to look for it, but not use it. That's the thing. My GPSr was showing PRN 32 on the satellite page, with a solid bar, which means it is using the PRN 32 signal to compute its fix. That tells me PRN 32 has just been set healthy.
  21. Two possible solutions: 1: Check you're using WGS 84 datum. 2: Try using Garmin's Topo software instead.
  22. I'm seeing PRN 32 on my GPSMAP 76CSx too, and boy, was I surprised when I initially caught sight of it on the satellite screen. I guess a NANU has not yet been issued announcing its usability.
  23. I call mine the "you are here" device. Or you can look at my sig for another idea. ↓
  24. I'm thinking Garmin should update the firmware so that it can treat multiple icons as "geocaches" simultaneously.
  25. You can fine-tune route calculation by going "Main Menu", "Setup", "Routing", and tweaking the options to your preferences.
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