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  1. Yes, they can be loaded at once, within the device's map segment limit (which is something like 2000, I believe?). I have the full city nav and a decent chunk of the topo loaded on my 60csx right now. You can show/hide full mapsets by going to the map page > menu > setup map > map information > menu (again) > and then show/hide maps by mapset. On a 2gb microsd, I have all of city nav and about 1/3 of the US in topo. You could do the whole card-swapping thing, but imo that would be fairly tedious. I find the city nav to be much more valuable to me than the topo US. But that might be just me. The map segment limit for a 76CSx is 2025 segments.
  2. It's like the to-from arrow on a VOR instrument in an airplane cockpit.
  3. What I'd actually love to see is a POI proximity alarm feature that only functions in one direction on a two-lane road, so you only get the alarm when you're entering a zone with a lower speed limit rather than exiting it.
  4. I was just speaking to someone at Garmin product support regarding my 76CSx and the aforementioned "Mark Waypoint" bug (http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=198688), and she says that the 76CSx uses a patch antenna, while the manual for the 76CSx says it's a quad helix. Evidence?
  5. It has a digital compass and altimeter Not according to Garmin's own specifications.
  6. Two problems I've seen with this new version of MapSource. One, it tries to draw the maps the same way Google Maps does, which really slows the process down. Two, with the BlueCharts, having the spot soundings turned on only makes one or two of them visible.
  7. If this is supposed to be a unit meant for hikers as well, it needs the electronic compass and barometric altimeter features as well.
  8. It's a patch antenna, so you hold the unit horizontally. Units with quad helix antennas have the antenna oriented up-down, so you hold that kind of unit vertically. I wish Garmin would come out with a model of GPSr that has both a patch antenna *and* a quad helix antenna so you could switch between the two.
  9. I don't pan the map before marking, I have "lock-on-road" turned off, and when I hold down the "Enter" key, it puts my current coordinates into the new waypoint, as it is supposed to, but the distance and bearing figure at the bottom of the screen starts out saying as much as 85 m from my current location when it should say 0 m. maybe you need to let it settle for a bit when you take it out of your pocket. I might have a hard time maintaining lock while it is in your pocket. Jim And how long should I let it settle for? Thirty seconds? Should I move around with it while it's getting a full fix to fix this?
  10. Holding down the "Enter" key on a 76CSx invokes the Mark Waypoint function. It seems to happen after I've had the unit in my pocket for quite a time.
  11. Sometimes when I go to mark my current location as a waypoint by holding down the "Enter" key, it shows my current coordinates being as much as 75 m away from my current location at the bottom of the Mark Waypoint screen. Turning the unit off and then back on solves the problem, but only temporarily. I'm using software version 3.60 and chipset software version 3.00.
  12. The 60CSx with its S★III receiver does not have that pressure-trend recording feature. My 76CSx doesn't have it either, but that's okay since I live near a surveyed location with a known surveyed elevation above sea level.
  13. It also works with DD MM SS.S format.
  14. Manitoba! Give some kind of shout-out to the Canadian Garmin users out there!
  15. That's only 8 states, BTW. MA = MASS.
  16. Uh, you can't have "Assisted GPS" without "GPS" on its own. If the assistance signals aren't available, the unit will just use the GPS satellites on their own. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Assisted_GPS
  17. How interesting that your initials just happen to be G.P.S.
  18. I've seen that green bar too. It means the maps are being initialized.
  19. With the picture, it looks like the crack may be on the shield. The shield is a flexible film, and if the crack was in the shield, it would be thinner. And I don't know how to take the front off a 76CSx. Those directions coggins linked to are for an eTrex model. Would anyone like to enlighten me on how to carry out this repair on one's own? Anyway, I've sent the unit over to Raytech in Quebec for a non-warranty repair. I'll expect it to not come back for a couple of months.
  20. But it does have a screen shield, QuigleyJones.
  21. A few days ago, when I got back from an outing, I accidentally dropped my GPSr on a hard tile floor and the plastic in front of the screen got this small crack in it. It's really bugging me and stressing me out. I obtained this unit in August 2007, on eBay, when it was brand new, so if I sent it in to Garmin, would they replace it with a brand new case?
  22. Now if only they could make that mapset for Garmin units too.
  23. My lack of personal vehicle and erratic sleep habits have kept me from doing much geocaching lately. I tend to sleep in until about 14:00 local time on average.
  24. I live in the Comox Valley, and I don't have a vehicle of my own, so geocaching on foot gets progressively harder the farther I go, that is if I don't take transit. But that hasn't stopped me from racking up 29 geocache finds so far. What I would really like, though, is to have a geocaching buddy with a vehicle so I can rack up at least five geocaches in a day. Would anyone like to rendezvous with me and go on a geocaching day trip in the Comox Valley?
  25. So what's the SVN for GPS IIR-M6? I know its PRN will be 07.
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