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  1. Congratulations... After starting out with alkaline batteries in my 76CSx, then switching to NiMHs, your concern has prompted me to switch back to alkaline batteries. Do you know of any brand of AA-size NiMH batteries that have exactly the same dimensions as alkaline AA batteries? I really don't want to have to spend extra money buying more alkalines or worry that the battery contacts in my 76CSx will break off after repeated use of NiMHs.
  2. You know, you really don't have to keep up with the Joneses. Use whatever geocaching solution works for you.
  3. Like hide-and-seek, but easier to seek and grab.
  4. Sprained my knee going after a cache last Sunday, and now I'm on crutches. When it initially happened, it felt as though I had broken a bone. I was all alone, and could not move. Fortunately it happened during the daytime, so emergency responders did not have to spend a lot of effort trying to find me. I gave my coordinates to the 911 operator over my cell, but it turned out none of the first responders dispatched to my plight didn't have a GPSr with them, so I had to give them the old-fashioned type of directions. I knew I should have taken that 2.5/5 terrain rating as a red flag...
  5. Because LSUfan is being respectful of the letterbox owner and their property. Hence why I said "ask to" do it, not just do it.
  6. Last I checked, a GPS receiver is not the same as a credit card.
  7. Why not just ask to have those two combined to make a letterbox hybrid?
  8. Let's see if this one works... "I was out searching for gold and all I found was this log book in a container."
  9. http://consumerist.com/5207579/following-g...uld-cost-you-99 From TFA: "Garmin wants to bill reader Hal $99 for a new SD card after failing to tell him to remove his old card before returning his dead-on-arrival StreetPilot C510. The SD card holds the unit's maps, and without one, the GPS unit is useless."
  10. I know what you're talking about. When the satellite page is set to "multicolor", some of the satellite icons are actually changing colour, some more than once.
  11. So you upgraded your Garmin eTrex Venture, Summit, Vista, whatever to an "H" model, but are you nostalgic about the old "globe" graphic that the previous eTrex models had over the antenna—you know, this one? If so, you can always print it out on a transparent sticker that you can apply to your "H" model unit and put your nostalgia to rest. I can supply you with a high-resolution version of that graphic so you can make it into such a sticker, but you'll need to supply your own transparent sticker stock.
  12. Here's the link. Make sure to back up all of your waypoints, routes and tracks before downgrading.
  13. Well, I did my own field test of software version 3.90 on my 76CSx, and not only are the "D"s missing from the satellite page, but Galaxy 15 (WAAS #48) is shown to be much further west than it really is. So, I decided to downgrade back to 3.70, but ended up losing all of my waypoints, routes and settings in the process. Luckily I had a backup of my waypoints and routes on my computer, and restored from there.
  14. However, you can kludge them. Just make a GPX file with tracks that trace latitude and longitude lines at intervals of your choice. You'll need to create the GPX file in notepad to get the tracks exactly as you want them.
  15. I use my trusty 76CSx to store the coordinates, and my TI-89 Titanium calculator to store the notes.
  16. He didn't sign the log, and if you don't do that, it's technically not a find.
  17. North Korea, for one. That's why there are no geocaches in that country.
  18. No wonder we need that "aircraft mode" for handheld GPS units.
  19. Look on the satellite display for satellites numbered 48 and 51. If you are getting signals from those birds, you're getting WAAS.
  20. You needed to tell the GPS you had moved a substantial distance. Its skyview was not matching its almanac. On the "poor satellite reception" pop-up, choose "new location".
  21. Location (lat/lon) always shows your current location in hddd°mm.mmm' format, while Location (selected) shows your current location in the format that you have chosen on the Units Setup page.
  22. Datums do not affect the maps...... That's right, they don't. But they can possibly align the maps' position properly.
  23. What you probably need to do is use a user-defined custom datum to get the maps to line up.
  24. That would be DMTI Spatial of Markham, Ontario, that you would be referring to.
  25. But a GPSr displays UTC, not GPS time. So will your GPSr display the leap second properly?
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