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  1. Here's a better link: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/log.aspx?LU...b5-10a1b08cd57a
  2. You can also have the cache size reflect how many people have signed up to attend, making it larger as more people sign up.
  3. You're perfectly welcome to do that. Like I said, it's a recommended guideline, but you don't have to use it. Just make up your own criteria.
  4. Why # of attendees? Why not height, weight, or age? Because # of attendees is the most relevant value in an event cache.
  5. You can delete waypoints by symbol off of a 60CS. On the "find waypoint" screen, press [MENU] and select "Delete...", then choose the symbol associated with those waypoints you wish to delete. You can also download the waypoints into your computer and delete the ones you no longer need on there, then delete all the waypoints off of your 60CS and re-upload only the remaining waypoints from your computer back to your 60CS.
  6. If you want to specify a cache size other than "other" or "unknown" for an event cache, here's a guideline I recommend: Micro: You want less than 20 people to come (e.g. your closest friends) Small: 20 to 99 people (e.g. cachers from the local area you want to meet) Medium: 100 to 499 people (e.g. cachers from far away you want to meet) Large: 500 people or more (a "mega-event") Is this ideal for you, or do you want to suggest your own ranges?
  7. Nope. Garmin GPSrs use only Garmin maps. You'd need a Delorme GPSr.
  8. If you want to use KML without having to download Google Earth, the Google Maps website accepts KML file locations just fine.
  9. If you're using the US-International keyboard layout in Windows, just type [shift]+[AltGr]+[;], where [AltGr] is the right Alt key.
  10. ...when you know your find count could be much larger were it not for the fact that you don't own an automobile!!!
  11. As usual, with the update of the 60CSx system software, a parallel software update for the 76CSx has also been released.
  12. The thing is, GC codes can't have the letters I,L,O,S or U in them. You can use 1 for I, 0 for O and 5 for S, but that's about it.
  13. DENelson83

    Members Map

    Well, why don't the site developers add a feature that allows you to dump the list of caches you've found to a KML for use on Google Maps? KMLs will automatically zoom the map there.
  14. The trip computer's odometer most likely uses the measured doppler shift in the GPS signals, which can actually change with ionospheric conditions. The track log distance measurement, meanwhile, can be tweaked using the track log settings. On my unit, track log record method and interval can be adjusted. I have my track log set to "Auto" record method and "Normal" interval. YMMV.
  15. Get the unit I have, a 76CSx. Same as the 60CSx, but it floats on water.
  16. DENelson83

    Members Map

    Just use this: http://www.geocaching.com/map/default.aspx
  17. Same problem reported here. Also, this page is not listing caches in increasing order of distance from my home coordinates. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/nearest.asp....997083&f=1
  18. Those are some pretty creative geocaching acronyms. I'll start using that ROOT one; it can come in quite handy. Can anyone else think of others?
  19. This stands for "will not seek again", and it refers to a cache that a person could not find, and it turns out to be too challenging for another attempt. The cacher who logs a WNSA has personally archived that specific cache, and does not intend to look for it ever again.
  20. You're looking for "Heading". That's the direction in which the GPS is moving (or pointing, if the magnetic compass is on). "Bearing" only applies when actively navigating to a waypoint, as that's the direction from your current location to the waypoint.
  21. Is the microSD card itself corrupted in some way?
  22. Another difference between the two is that you can change microSD cards in a 76CSx without removing the batteries, while you have to remove the batteries first with a 60CSx.
  23. Looks like the Dakota series will be just like the Oregon series, but without the sensors (mag compass, pressure altimeter).
  24. I'm sticking with 3.70 as well. 3.90, IMO, was botched.
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