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  1. Here's a bookmark of GA AT caches one of our GGA members put together. Awesome! You rock! Neri
  2. I'm going to be hiking the Georgia portion of the AT next month with a group of people, and I'm attempting to find a list of caches along the trail. I'm unfamiliar with the area and have yet to find a decent map so I can begin planning. I do know that we will be hiking from Unicoi to Woody Gap. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Neri
  3. I'm cute, funny, and adventurous, and getting more concerned about caching alone because I'm cute, funny, and adventurous. And modest. Anyhoo... I am most available on weekends, although with summer approaching, I can squeeze in some more evening caching. If you are looking for a cacher to adopt, please let me know. I'm also adorable.
  4. I work for the government on the county level at the local courthouse. Afterhours (when I'm not caching), I'm a freelance writer.
  5. I found out about it a few years back from a small blurb in the local newspaper and then really got into it. So much so I recently wrote my own article on it. http://hobbies.suite101.com/article.cfm/x_marks_the_spot Neri
  6. My Goldie the Fantail will apparently swim no more. She was in a cache in Hawaii and then the government seized the land the cache is on and there she sits... off limits. So... I guess she's not really dead... just in prison... forever...
  7. That's how I got my start caching. I've probably found around 6-8 without a gps. Before I got the gps, I would use Google maps, switch to satellite view and zoom all the way in. The trick is locating landmarks you can find in the field. I've done a couple that were off hiking trails in heavily wooded areas as well, but I used landmarks such as lake docks and curves of the river to zero in, and sometimes I'd get lucky and use clues from the cache page, such as details or studying the photo gallery. It can be done... You'll just snag a whole lot more with a gps in hand.
  8. I live here in Florida and hid a cache just last weekend out on one of the islands. The water temp was 65, but I still wore my wetsuit while paddling my kayak. Mainly because I can't stand the cold and definitely didn't want to risk capsizing and being cold AND wet. I'm a southern girl, so I freeze below 70. I'd never make it in a northern state. And in reference to the comment from The Propers about falling out of a tree in any weather, yep, I pulled that feat off the weekend before last as well. Tried climbing a wet tree and fell smack out of it. Just got over-excited about inspecting my own cache. *sigh* Think I got a hairline fracture of the knee, but I'm okay. Neri
  9. I was excited to see my LizardToad Decypher Gold Toad in the mail today. Made my bad day at work seem almost worth it. Nerissa
  10. I like it because it lets me feed my secret desire to live the life of Indiana Jones, Laura Croft, Sydney Fox (Relic Hunter), or Flynn Carsen (The Librarian). Who can resist the urge to adventure for hidden "treasure"? Not I. So I may lead a boring M-F 8-5 job during the week, but come the weekend I am a daring adventurer on a quest for hidden treasure!! Nerissa
  11. I don't think anyone is brave enough to touch this one, but nice try. Now, now. Some people would be happy to travel with a fellow cacher. It's not as far-fetched as you might think. Well, except that sitting at a cache part, you might want to scheduled that ahead of time I think the biggest problem that I'd have to contend with would be bugnapping. I am pretty cute. Neri
  12. I've been thinking about attaching a travel bug tag to myself and plopping down beside a cache somewhere with the hopes of someone taking me on vacation with them. I got this fantasy after my TB-Goldie the Fan-Tail wound up in Hawaii and I didn't. *scratches head* I wonder if my plan would work... Nerissa
  13. When I released mine, I attached an engraved dogtag to it in memory of my mother who died of diabetes. It has her name and birth/death date on it. Nerissa
  14. I found a beautiful ringneck snake on the trail near a cache not too long ago. Suited me fine because I actually like snakes. You can have the spiders though... Neri
  15. My cache partner and I stumbled near an illegal immigrant camp. Not wanting the situation to turn dangerous we carefully backtraced out of the area. Only a couple of months later they discovered a body in the same area. I try to use this example to remind me to never cache alone, although I'm still guilty of it from time to time... Neri
  16. Only because my favorite # was already taken... 11 Neri
  17. Mine arrived in the mail today! Thank you very much for the pin! Neri
  18. I'm game. I enjoy camping. I'm in the panhandle of FL and could probably squeeze in a road trip if it's not too far away. Nerissa
  19. When I was just a tadpole, the very first cache I discovered had a TB in it. I didn't know what the heck there were... I just saw the "Do Not Keep Me" tag and left it there. Then I went home, did some research, figured out what the little fella was all about and discovered he had a goal to get pictures. So, since I like that sorta thing, I went back and fetched him, took him on a little adventure, got lots of pics and posted them, and then moved him along. I had a lot of fun on that quest. I don't see any harm in going back for them as long as they're properly logged and then moved on. Nerissa
  20. might as well give it a try... nothing ventured nothing gained... Neri
  21. This was a nice xmas surprise. Thank you very much! Nerissa still just a tadpole, but I'm getting there.
  22. I didn't get anything geo-related, but I did get my teammate several waterproof cache containers, loads of cache stickers, and some log books. Neri
  23. That's a really good idea, when added to a regular cache and if there was something in it for the 5 or how ever many lucky cachers it makes this Timelock caching idea sound a lot more promising. I had meant to say "this allows you to maintain a regular cache but lets you add special events to it" but my mind had been working on "alleviating the need to continously add and remove a cache". I guess my words spilled over. Anyhoo, I suppose I'm doing okay for just being a tadpole still. Neri
  24. I agree with most of the things being said as you put some people may like this type of cache, how do think it should be improved then? Well, I've only been pondering for a few minutes, but here's one idea. Establish and maintain a regular cache. Post a note with the cache that on a specific date (or perhaps certain event... like every full moon or at every equinox/solstice) that you will provide an additional clue within the cache that will lead them to a bonus find. You could vary the details in such ways as, say for instance for this "event" that you've stashed a lockbox at a specific set of coordinates somewhere. You could divy out 5 keys, placed within the regular cache. You only place these keys the eve before the date/occurence. Then the first 5 people to find it then get a key/coordinate to the bonus round and might have a nice little prize waiting for them. Just one idea. I'm sure there will be plenty more. This alleviates you to maintain a regular cache but lets you add special events to it. If that makes sense. Nerissa
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