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  1. Those are caches for which you created a personal cache note. That badge is trumped by the badges for found, owned, solved, etc, so it doesn't have quite as much visibility as some other badges.
  2. Thanks for posting about the problem. It seems that your cache got caught in a temporary glitch with our search indexer. I notified the API team and they kicked off a re-index. I'm now able to view your cache in the official app. Please let me know if you're not able to.
  3. Thanks for the additional explanation. It sounds like your problem stems from confusion about how to access the cache note functionality. (To be clear, I refer to "confusion" as a problem we need to fix, not something you're doing wrong.) You can currently access the cache note feature from the (...) menu in the upper right any time the cache's details are expanded to full screen and you are not navigating. That applies even when you've first accessed the cache from the map, as long as you expand the cache's details from the preview by tapping on the cache preview info. The upper right menu is different when you haven't yet expanded the cache's details or when you're navigating. We'll look into ways to minimize those differences or make them more intuitive.
  4. I'm sorry you're having trouble with the cache notes feature. Could you elaborate on what problem you're experiencing so that we can investigate?
  5. We tracked down the Help and About crash issue and we'll be releasing a fix shortly. Thanks for testing and reporting!
  6. Coming soon You're not imagining things. Sometimes we test new features on a smaller basis before rolling them out to everyone. This release is the first time the offline shortcut has been available to everyone. As the release notes mention, it can take a few days for the Android update to be available to everyone. Google allows for phased rollouts; we use that feature to monitor a new release for crashes before pushing it out to everyone.
  7. The DNF icon only applies to caches you've DNFed and not found subsequently. If you've found the cache later after DNFing it you'll of course see the smiley icon instead. Are you not seeing the DNF face on caches that meet those criteria? If so, can you provide one or a couple GC codes where you're not seeing DNFs that you think you should be? The offline shortcut is shown when you're creating a new list from one or more caches. If you select add to list then the + sign to create a new list you should see a new "Save for offline" checkbox. That checkbox is not shown if you're creating a new blank list. Can you see the checkbox when creating a new list from selected caches? I'll check on the help screen problem tomorrow. Thanks for reporting.
  8. Sorry the update caused trouble for you. We are aware of update problems for some users and we're investigating.
  9. Hi there. You can change your map type in the app by tapping the icon that looks like three stacked layers near the top left of the map screen. That will open a screen where you can switch between Trails, Street, Satellite, and Hybrid. Once you've chosen a map type your choice will stick until you decide to change it again. Hope that helps!
  10. Oh, shoot! My apologies for saying top right in my original post. The target icon is indeed at the top left and I just mistyped. Hope you're on the right (left? ) track now.
  11. Hi there! Try tapping the "target" icon at the top right of the map twice until it shows as green with a compass pointer in it. That will make the map swivel with you as you turn. Hopefully that's what you're looking for.
  12. Sorry you had trouble with the offline features. Can you give some more details about what you were seeing? We do have a fix for an offline bug in our 5.4 release that should be available next week, but it would be good to understand whether you're experiencing the same problem or something different.
  13. Thanks for posting. In order to investigate a bit more, can you provide the following: * The GC codes for one or more caches that were showing on iPhone but not Android * The device, OS version, and app version for the iPhone and the Android phone Thanks!
  14. Thanks for the feedback. If these comments are about the website, please be sure to post them in the latest thread for updates there since this thread is only about updates to the app.
  15. As a member of the team that works on the app, thanks for the positive feedback.
  16. Thanks for your detailed report. Are you seeing this problem repeatedly or just this one time? I'm hoping that your problem was a one-time server problem rather than a recurring bug.
  17. Thanks for all the feedback, everyone. Two of the biggest themes here and in other feedback channels have been showing solved caches at their corrected coords and improving/removing clustering. I can't yet give you a timeline or specific version number where we'll make changes to those, but I can tell you that we're actively working on both of those things. I hope that we'll have improvements on each of them ready to release within the next few versions.
  18. Attributes will be part of our 5.4 release, which is currently in development. It should be available in a couple weeks.
  19. Thanks for the reports on this issue. We've been investigating, but we haven't yet been able to reproduce the problem you're seeing. To help us in the investigation, can any of you provide some more info? Specifically: * What device you're using * Which version of Android you're using * Which version of the Geocaching app you're using. I'm assuming you're all on 5.3, but I want to confirm. * Any screenshots of the problem. Thanks in advance for any more info you can provide!
  20. Proper release notes for 5.3 coming tomorrow.
  21. Thanks for the feedback. It is not possible yet to search by name in the app, but that is on our radar to add soon.
  22. Thanks for your patience. Google allows us to use staged rollouts to a fraction of users so that we can make sure the release is crash-free before making it available to all Android users. Usually that process only takes a day or two, but this time we had a bump in the road. Our first rollout of 5.2 ended up creating some crashes when we released it to 10% of users. We pulled that release back, made some fixes (twice), and are now doing a staged rollout of 5.2.3. The bad news is that it's taking longer than we expected for you to get the release. The good news is that you won't get a release that crashes.
  23. We are aware of the reports with problems updating to the 5.2 release on iPhone. We're investigating to determine how we can fix it ASAP.
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