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  1. Thanks for reporting your issue. Good news: we've already got a fix completed for that bug. It will be included in a release soon.
  2. Thanks for describing how you addressed the problem with corrected coordinates. We certainly don't want players to have to delete/reinstall the app, so we're continuing to investigate the issue. To help us diagnose, could you answer a couple questions? What app version, OS version, and device were you using when you had the problem? You can find all of that info at the bottom of the Geocaching app's Help & About menu. Did you have lists saved for offline use when you had the problem with corrected coordinates? If so, approximately how many lists and how many caches saved offline? Thanks in advance for any additional info!
  3. It turns out our intended timing was a little off. You are correct that the app is showing a gold star and the web is showing a green star right now. In this case, the app change preceded an upcoming web change to the gold star.
  4. Thanks for the feedback, everyone. The changes in this release were indeed subtle, which is why we chose to make it a 5.8.x release as opposed to 5.9. Sometimes we actually don't post release notes for these kinds of releases since they often lead to questions similar to these. For the curious, the things that look a bit different following this release include: The map controls (centering/swivel mode and map type selection) have switched from circular to square and are now larger and easier to see/tap. The map icons ("assets") for caches you've DNFed and caches you've hidden have been updated for better accessibility. The format for player logs in caches and trackables has been updated to use consistent type and spacing. There was no change to filtering options in this release. I hope those additional details help!
  5. Thanks for reporting your problem. To help us understand better, can you upload a few screen grabs of what you're seeing? I'm hoping that The A-Team's post above about Danish explains your problem, but I'd also like to make sure there's not a true bug.
  6. The API fix for this issue has been released. Can you please relaunch the app and let us know if you're still seeing the problem? Thanks!
  7. Thanks for reporting. We're aware of the issue and working to get a fix out soon.
  8. There was a hiccup in a release this morning that has already been rolled back. Is the find count back to normal for you now?
  9. Thanks for the feedback. We are aware that some find counts are not displaying as intended when you've set the system font to a larger size. To help better understand the issue, could you share a little info? Specifically: * What OS and device you're using. You can find all this info along with the app version at the very bottom of the Help & About section in the app (More-->Help & About). * What text size you're using. On iOS, this is under Settings-->Display & Brightness-->Text Size. It varies per device on Android, but should be something like Settings-->Display-->Text Size. Thanks!
  10. Thank you both for reporting the issue. We'll investigate.
  11. Thanks for providing this additional info. We fixed a similar bug on Android in the past few months, so we'll investigate to see if the same fix is needed here.
  12. Our 5.8 update will offer full support for the iPhone X. It is currently in review with Apple and should available within the next 1-2 weeks.
  13. Assuming you're referring to the new drafts page, there is already a sorting toggle available that lets you choose between showing the newest or oldest drafts first. Near the top of the page, click on "Newest" or "Oldest" to set your preference. See the attached screen grab.
  14. Thanks for the feedback. It looks like you haven't logged any finds yet. The introductory experience you're referring to will stop as soon as you've logged your first find.
  15. We do have plans to make that method of mapping a list on geocaching.com more obvious and easy. It's not an accident that the BM code for a list became a valid search query parameter.
  16. Thanks for chiming in. Although it will likely be a different experience than the digest you screen grabbed from the website, we're currently looking into ways to make the most recent log type more obvious/discoverable so that players have a better preview to decide whether they want/need to dig into the full list of logs. We're also working on adding the ability to view profiles for other players, which would give you the chance to determine a find count for them.
  17. Yep, definitely the iPhone app. Make sure you're tapping the (...) menu when you have a cache's full details open (i.e. the cache info takes up the whole screen). When you tap that menu with the full screen cache view, you should see the Report a problem option. I am assuming that you've updated your app version with the last 8 months. We added the Report a problem option in version 4.10 of the app which was released last February
  18. Thanks for the constructive feedback. We are aware with the bug you described regarding the iPhone D/T filter sliders and we're investigating fixes. Needs Maintenance logs are available in the app already, just in a different spot than you may be used to. When you have a cache open in the app, tap the (...) menu at the yop right, then tap Report a Problem and you'll see the option the create a Needs Maintenance or Needs Archived log. I hope those answers help!
  19. Thanks to both of you for the input. As we spend some time focused more on teaching new players in the app, helping them understand the right ways to interact with trackables is absolutely on our to-do list.
  20. Thanks for the feedback. Are you aware of the Trails map type that can be accessed via the map type selector near the top left of the map? Look for the icon that looks like stacked layers, tap there, then select Trails. As long as you're not zoomed out very far, that map type will let you see trails in the area you're viewing. Is that what you're looking for?
  21. Thanks to all of you for reporting your problem. Could you please respond here with what version of the app you're using? You can find that at the very bottom of the Help and About section under the the ☰ menu at the top left of the main screen.
  22. Thanks for reporting your problem. Special thanks for awesome repro steps and details about hardware and software! I walked through each of your steps above using identical hardware/software (app version 5.7, iOS 10.3.3, iPhone 6) and I'm unable to reproduce what you've described in steps 4 and 5. Each time I get the what you've described in step 2, even when I do several mystery caches in a row. I know it's a lot of ask, but any chance you could provide a video of the issue happening?
  23. The CHS does take D/T ratings into account.
  24. Thanks for the report. I'm able to reproduce the problem and I've added a bug to our backlog to fix it.
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