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  1. I'm sort of confused about this, do you collect geocoins and keep them or do you leave them in caches?
  2. I have the same gps unit, I didn't load that mapsend program at all I just use the Magellan Geocaching Manager. On the geocache site I download the .loc file then in the geocache manager I open the loc file and then click the little satallite to upload it to my gps, then on the gps I hit the goto button and select my geocache from the geocache folder and it shows up on the screen as a little box. the only other thing I can think of is that you'll need to go into the menu and map setup and make sure its setup to show the geocaching pts hope this helps!
  3. on mine i just go to menu and then poi's and then geocache pts and highlight the file and hit menu and then it comes up with add, move, and delete and i just choose delete
  4. I actually found some really good stuff on orientaltrading.com I like that site cause you can get a dozen of one item for less then 10 bucks and they have pencils and notepads and bounding balls! thanks for the tips guys!
  5. I'm a newbie and want to find something good to leave in the caches I find, any suggestions?
  6. I figured it out, I found a more in depth users manual online, which is awesome cause I have another multicache I wanna do and this time it'll be a lot easier!
  7. Today I got my first gps a magellan explorist 210 and my first cache was a multi, so I d/l the cache and uploaded it with the cache manager, so when I found the first one it gave me coords for the second part, how would I have put the coords for the second part into the gps? What I ended up doing was going by my current coords and walked around until I found the second set but that took so long and I walked all around when I could have walked in almost a strait line and had I been able to enter in those second coords I would have known where to go, any help would be appreciated!
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