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  1. Opps I didn't notice that the presale had ended, is it too late? I already sent my paypal as well, if its too late please refund, thanks!
  2. Do you just use the plastic pouches or notebooks (that would have to be a ton of coins) or what?
  3. This will be a coin in the Zodiac Seriies. It will com out in April/May. thanks I didn't know it was a new series, but it would make sense that it would be out in April *duh* heh.
  4. sent pm if you have any left unfortunetly i have nothing to trade for
  5. I've been seeing the zodiac geocoins but haven't seen an aries one, is there such a thing?
  6. Stick around a while and see. You haven't been around very long (no offense meant) so you haven't seen how things work. Somebody realizes that coins are a good way to make money and suddenly is making a coin representing a place, or people, that the have no connection with. It started as a side hobby, with a few groups and people making coins for thier areas, and it turned into some type of emminent domain where it's "I can make anything I want". Some people call this a community. In my eyes, that's now how a community acts. I don't want to make anyone mad and you're right I haven't been around long it just scares me when I see people jumping down other peoples throats about a coin, but I can see your point about representing a city or group of people that they're not a member of.
  7. design one! I'd be looking forward to it for sure! oh and fluttershy is designing one thats very girly!
  8. Geez why is everyone so catty? Okay so there may be two philadelphia geocoins who cares? People will buy what they want to buy why does everyone have to be so dramatic? I think that anyone should be able to make any coin they want to without everyone jumping down their backs about it and hey if he makes them and you don't like them, guess what, you don't have to buy them.
  9. To purchase the personal coin of someone you don't know? I would feel bad if I got one and not someone who did know the person. What are your thoughts?
  10. Got one! I'm sorry I didn't ask this before but is it acceptable to purchase the personal coin of someone you don't know??
  11. For Philly I think you should put the rocky statue with gps in hand I don't know if you're going on a purely historical direction with this but the rocky statue to me would be perfect it would look as though he were celebrating a find!
  12. Ofcourse. There is about 20 coins left. Please send me the information I'm asking in very first post. Thanks and Merry Christmas I sent my email right?
  13. love it! Ordered one in antique silver
  14. I preordered as well! and got email confirmation
  15. I take a backpack and in it I have my digital camera, a pack of pens in case a pen is missing or doesn't work, I have extra plastic bags of various sizes from small for microcaches to regular sandwich bags for bigger caches, geo-swag which for me right now are carabinger key chains with a small compass on them, I have a small first aid kit, trash bags for cito, hand wipes, and I have a clipboard where i put my printouts of the caches and google maps.
  16. do you have any of these left?
  17. This past weekend I replaced a pen that didn't work and a baggie on a micro cache that was ripped and both owners thanked me so I make sure I have extra stuff with me.
  18. I have to get a steroid shot everytime I get it and I just got some this weekend so I'll be calling the doctor this week! ARG!
  19. Well I'm not sure what I want to do I haven't actually found a coin in a cache yet, but i did find a jeep and that was exciting. I just purchased my first geocoin which is the suncatcher one from crake (sp?) It seems really pretty so I'm gonna start there.
  20. Do you just buy any an all geocoins you come across, I was wondering for example with the state coins do you buy all of them, or just in the state you live in or have visited? I need some sort of idea!
  21. Okay so any advice for a beginner? I've been caching for all of a month now lol but the coins are really neat!
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