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  1. I got the Unity geocoin today i love it!
  2. I'd be in for a silver set, are they for presale yet?
  3. Thank you very much for taking care of this it's much appreciated!
  4. I got mine too and they are incredible! Thank you so much Crake!
  5. I am INCREDIBLY excited to get mine
  6. I received the two I ordered today and both were broken upon opening the envelope. The satellites fell right out of the sleeve. This coin looks good but has an extremely cheap feel to it. Kind of reminds me of painted plastic. I'm not happy with it at all. Yeah same here. I sent them an email....i think i just want to get my money back but i really dont feel like shipping them back. Jayman11 Hope they all aren't broken, I really like this coin.
  7. email sent, thanks! (actually sent awhile ago i'm just having time to post now trying to keep track of everything i've ordered!)
  8. start soon, I"m really anxious to get one its so pretty!
  9. I'd really really like a pennsylvania coin I'm really new and have nothing to trade for if anyone would be interested in selling me one please let me know, thanks.
  10. I sent an email about preordering and got an email back asking about personalization, is there anything else I need to do? Haven't heard anything for awhile.
  11. Yeah kinda like travel bug hotels that serve as prisons... it does seem counter intuitive to have a coin NOT travel it seems in the current coin thief climate that coins just don't make very good travelers. I think coins are just too pretty to be travelers and what I mean by that is that they're too nice and people want to keep them as opposed to the tb's i've seen that are key chains and knick knacks that aren't as "pretty" as the coins. Thats just my opinion and what to i know I'm just a n00b
  12. Why does it have to be Garmin armed? lol I am Magallan armed!
  13. Nobody disagrees, or has the right to, about what you do with your coins. Just don't release copies of them! LOL <sound of can of worms opening> Yeah I threw that idea around too but it came down to it, it seemed like people would rather you just not release the coins instead of releasing a copy, so thats sort of how I came to the decision. At least for right now maybe if things change I'll get some to release.
  14. I've made the really tough decision to just be a collector, I'm by no means rich and really can't afford to relaese a coin to have it go missing, I know a lot of people disagree with this but for me thats just the way it is.
  15. Its the gps coin from chquality coins, I'm so excited!
  16. where do you guys get the pages and the foam?
  17. Kimnbair......your order will be filled. Thank you Thanks!!!
  18. I didn't get that message when I submited, maybe use a translator to find out what that means.
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