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  1. We'll be flying into New Orleans on April 16th, we're staying at hotel st marie new burbon st. Can someone recommend some caches close to our hotel? We'll mainly be walking every where. I put in the zip code for new orleans but got results from all over the city. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Its great idea having a friend and family member passaway at a young age from diabetes I love that geocaching.com is supporting the cause.
  3. Sorry about that Mrs S. The photo is what you sent to me. Another MS cacher other than the one in the mail thread got 24 of them in the mail yesterday. Said they were sent priority mail to the tune of $14.xx shipping. Somebody has a buttload of money to throw away this holiday season. He offered to send me some. I asked him to please don't. This isn't a coin I want. I'm pretty new here and don't know anything about previous incidents but from what I read it really seems like the coin is out there to insult someone I mean saying "the mouth of the south" and about posting a bunch of times a day maybe I just don't get it but is that the kind of coin we really want to pass around?
  4. placed order for 1 in nickle thanks~
  5. I missed out on this one it sold out fast! Hope theres gonna be a second run
  6. I got a blue one but the dragon coins were already sold out
  7. Yes I can guess the riddle, no I cannot SOLVE the riddle.
  8. Yes I will guess the riddle, many, many times!
  9. you, princeshoko? (I mean that as the answer)
  10. a geocacher! (we can all fly in planes and climb trees some of us are brown and some are white and if a muggle sees us we'll run away hehe)
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