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    Equipment Advice

    Thanks to you all. I do not have nor do I wish to have a smartphone. Preference is to work with the library. And the cold weather makes it uncomfortable to use the keys. That is workable, if the unit is simpler and requires fewer entries to get going. The larger screen is for boomer eyes. Not much else to say. How does downloading so many pqs work? I've had some loaded (years ago), sought them days/weeks later, only to find they were gone or others could not locate. Again, I prefer to maintain my anonymity and privacy with electronics. Again, thank you all - I will check into the 66. NetraLee
  2. NetraLee

    Equipment Advice

    Truly enjoy geocaching - but after discovering my perfectly-functioning Garmin is no longer able to connect/download (too old????) I' m looking for a handheld that is easier to see, easier to input. As I get older, it's more challenge to see the screen and use the unit when it's cold outside! Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks! NetraLee
  3. Okay... I understand that. I was just hoping there was something I could use with my brand new GPS unit as an extra "security blanket" for when I walk with the dogs. I know there are gps systems specially designed, but thought I could use what I already have. I just got the Garmin 60Cx, and I love it. If anyone has any suggestions on what/how I could use the unit I already have to track something on a dog in "real time", I'd sure be eager to learn of it. Thanks for enlightening me. I am very new at this, but sure do enjoy it. I am discovering so many places to go and explore... places very close to home that I never even knew were there! Thanks again. NetraLee
  4. I am wondering whether purchasing a travel bug and putting it on my dogs' collars would enable me to "locate" them if they should happen to get lost in a big area? I've tried reading up on the bugs, and I am VERY new at all this, so please forgive if this is a laughable question to you. My thought is this: purchase the dog-tag style travel bug. Place on dog's collar. Go out into the wilderness. Dog runs off and does not return Use Garmin GPS to locate travel bug and dog. Would this be feasible? Thank you. NetraLee
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