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  1. you don't wanna come to my mega rave event then?
  2. What's wrong with 500 people in a field? I don't get all this money thing guys, I mean if I know we're headed for a field I'll bring along a hot drink and a hip flask. Unless ofcourse you need to be inside and need food vans and need cotton wool. Can't we just meet up, get a smile and an icon? Aii
  3. If you host it, they will come. I don't think it would matter when you held the event I'd be there for the icon come hell or high water . If you have it in Yorkshire, you could use the airstrip the Hamster tried to kill himself on and you could invite the chap over to say a few words. If you're the charitable type you could invite the chopper crew to show off their machine and take dudes for rides Is that a big enough "PULL" I know chickenpooooo thinks the hamsters rather sweet Aiiiiii
  4. I thought I'd kick off a little thread offering thanks to the reviewers who have been working very hard this year, sometimes under difficult circumstances. I'd like to kick off my thanks with an appology. Dear Reviewers, I am so sorry I got the start time, date and location wrong on my event this year, infact I am sorry I got it so very wrong for almost all of my events I am sorry for asking you to review the cache that would ultimately lead to the untimely death of any cacher attempting it.(even if I did try and get that cacher to go out for it before it was reviewed) hohoho I am sorry for any foul language, threats or other abuse that may have been pushed in your direction when GC.com has had it's downtimes or when you don't agree with me. To end, I think it would be great if everyone could wish all the reviewers a happy Crimble and give a litttle appology for what ever you feel appropriate. Merry Christmas Everyone Elf up baby
  5. Oi Copper quit letting people diss you man, there's always someone out there gonna hack you off. Just pop them in your ignore list and forget about it. I hope it's not a reviewer that's giving you grief lol Aii
  6. I went greenlane caching the other day and heard a BANG, I didn't think anything of it at the time, and can only think this is what I picked up I thought I'd just hit a rock off the sump, ofcourse I didn't bother to check. You can't see from the photo but I've ground off part of it whilst going round corners, I thought handling was a little strange. I think I picked it up on the Friday and I only noticed it this evening. How could I not notice such a thing, I even worked on the bike at the weekend and didn't notice it lol.
  7. You could always allow MrBK to ride his bike and you could drive the camping gear and kids
  8. Is there anyway I can search open bookmarks, is there a monster list of UK bookmarks somewhere? Failing this, can anyone tell me what caches I ought to do before I burn out and die. Thanks
  9. Full agreement here...waste of time me thinks,Hopefully a fad that will die the death it deserves I am confused by TDW's comment, it doesn't take much trust me. TDW posted a note viewable here on my flashmob event in Oxford that seemed to indicate he was well up for a flashmob event. Now what's with the sudden change of heart? Don't get me wrong you're entitled to change your mind about anything you like.
  10. It actually takes a fair bit of planning and organising to put on a flashmob event. So in answer to your question, no this does not take the mick out of the event organisers who spend weeks and months ensuring their events are enjoyed.
  11. Winter months may be better as the heavy clothing would come in handy You mean to say you don't ride with thong and flip flops to boot :)lol? Not a bad point though, Spring would probably be a good bet.
  12. As has been pointed out many times this week by chickenpooooo, we have a German exchange student arriving here on Thursday so I am not allowed out How bad is that, I mean It's not like I can speak sausage or anything like that. I think we're taking him to the druids at the henge on the Saturday though. On a happier note I've been thinking about the 'biking event' everyones welcome to come too. I am looking around and you all come from all over. My initial plan was to follow the whole of the Ridgway from Ivanhoe to Avebury, nice twisty roads I believe. The event itself I had hoped we could use this pub which has camping. It would be good to have the event on a Saturday, but what Saturday? Is my suggestion a good one or do you have one you think is better, longer or shorter ? Discuss!!!
  13. Seems to me you got spooked by the inscription you read. I mean if you look at death as being the end rather than the beginning, then yes death is depressing. There iss a fantastic place near me I was thinking of using as part of a multi, but chickenpooooo said I was sick and that if I used the location then people would get very very very upset and cry about it. I never did use the location, but I might if it's gonna cause such controversy erm, where's my mighty stead Binky
  14. I had to be picked up off the floor laughing this morning. We were hysterical with laughter Muhahahahahaahaa -
  15. I know of a cache near Ozzy Osbournes summer mansion in bucks and there's one that takes you past JK's house. You know that dude that smacks people in the mouth at night clubs?? Anyhooo, I don't know anyone famous as such, other than that dude who made Anne Diamond sound like a complete monkey. That my friends is putting it mildly
  16. I am not sure I am allowed to comment on this without causing more sectarian hatred I do love a pagan knees up though
  17. last I heard, someone was working on their cryptic soul costume. So somethings gotta kick off sooner or later...
  18. Out of interest, how many of you ride a motorbike? I(we as in another cacher) was/were thinking of hosting an event based around those that ride. Before you say it, anyone who drives a car or any other mode of transport will be more than welcome to come along for the ride.
  19. I am looking for a NZ cache buddy to claim the 2nd part of this cache. I have the coords already. I am also willing to find part 2 in the uk for this cache GCMYWH
  20. I could be around that part of the word, say around midnight if anyones still up for a bit of hellish caching hahaha I've moved the time of the Oxford flashmob to allow for cheaper parking, near the NEW location. I wonder if any of you will dash from Reading flashmob to Oxford flashmob, only to return for the cache kickin off in Reading;) Aiiiii Big Smokin' boooooo at ya!! Nancy boy
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