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  1. sounds like a reet canny laugh, yoho me skivies
  2. I own a couple of PMR radios, got them for bike comms but never really used them. They're useful in convoy, especially when some idiot makes a wrong turn. lol. My thinking is that I am often out and about on my lonesome, and think it would be great fun to radio home using an HT and ask for info from the cache page, or more like get the kettle on luv. I could ofcourse use the phone, but I can't be sure I am gonna be in an area my phone can get a signal or perhaps vice versa. Anyway, I think there's room for discussion on this topic
  3. It hasn't happned yet but when it does I'll let you know.
  4. link Might not be the best place, I don't know the best place, but the price seems right!!
  5. Merry Christmas to you all - from Team Cat Santa
  6. I think we have three confirmed January cachers birthdays, still 28 more days to fill.....
  7. Not reading the entire story, for what it's worth if it was my coin, I'd get the rozers round to kick down their doors and drag them out by the scruff, giving 'em a good kicking. As has been mentioned, if you're in possession, you're guilty of handling stolen goods. Isn't that even if you paid in good faith, you're still guilty as sin and will burn in hell. Burning might sound a bit harsh, but it makes me happier about life when bad things happen. FREE THE COIN
  8. it's defineately plurrrged published, I dunno where I get my Plurrrrg madness from. I need to sort out the formatting as I'd written it using super wide screen monitor lol.
  9. I truly believe he will want to attend, even if it's for 5minutes lol. I remember I got phished for my 16th, got zebedee slippers and got completely snogged to death by a nice red headed girlie
  10. Just wondered as I am hosting a birthday event in January whether it would be possible to get 31 cachers attend who all have a birthday in January and see if we can cover all 31 days in January!!! Aiiiii event link
  11. only if you wear a nice little leather number, LOL, despite drinking in a bikers pub, the only leather items I have are shoes... sorry! Maybe you have some friends Hazel? :D
  12. That's not 1000 FTF's is it? [] Well done that man!!!
  13. In keeping with the TOU this event is open to ALL cachers, regardless of transportation used. As we've said from the outset, it's a bikers event open to ALL.
  14. Rev up and Ride out 2008 GC17XZ7 UNDER REVIEW I've listened to everyones input and top suggestions and ignored every single one of them, well not entirely all of them. It won't make everyone happy, people will likely not come because it's on the bank holiday weekend from 02/05/2008 - 05/05/2008 has sheep, coppers and stupid people. People will cry off because it's too dangerous. Camping arrangements are still under negotiation - The plan is to have a charging point for your gadgets, a BBQ on the Saturday evening and the rest is TBD. As with most events there will be new caches going live near the campsite and along the A537.... Motorcycle Friendly ofcourse.. Don't be surprised if you hear the word MEGA event, I've decided to give it some publicity because I think a ride out to Harrogate would be ace in 2008. I look forward to seeing the braver cacher at this 5/5 event
  15. It's always more entertaining when it's someone elses bike Here's a couple of links I'd like you all to check out, it's my initial thoughts as to where the event may take place. Photo walk through video link Even if it meant riding 20 or so minutes from the campsite, it would be one hell of a bash There's plenty of irresponsible youtube stuff to feast your eyes upon. Could be a 5/5 event
  16. Thanks H, some words of wisdom there. So far I don't think the proposed dates of end of April, start of May clash too much with anything else kicking off around the country. I think we're gonna have to move quick to book our slot lol. I was hoping to meet with another cacher tonight to discuss the ins and outs and wheres of the event, but rest assured we'll have something published before the New Year, in one form or another......
  17. I don't keep the whole of the UK (just 75 miles from home)... BUT the reason I do this is when I cache with somebody else, I have most of the logs in GSAK so I can run a filter to see what caches the people I am caching with have done. This way we can try to target caches neither of us have done before. If I set a PQ up for the area I only get the last 5 logs this wont work then. Only 5 logs? Is that a new thing? I thought you used to be able to download all the logs? Everytime I look into organising/building a nice workable gsak database Groundspeak/gsak change something
  18. My Terrorist Hunt series uses a CLUE TB, however the series is probably a bit long winded if all you wanna do is get a feel for how it works. Aii
  19. Ok I need some help looking for a suitable venue. I was hoping for a pub/camping type setup in either of the following counties. Derbyshire Northamptonshire Worcestershire Leicestershire I've chosen these counties to open up the event to as wide a comunity as possible. Once I've found a venue, I'll be looking for local cachers to help us set this thing up. I'll also be after best biking routes, hopefully we can share these electronic routes from the cache page when things start warming up a bit. I'd like to suggest the month of April or May for the event to take place - Please discuss...... PS great photos guys
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