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  1. hmm if only you had emailed sooner Paul. We did the left cluster on wednesday night and it took 3 hours, we weren't rushing. I think Metal-Bijou can fill you in on local pubs, he seemed to be talking alot about pubs enroute. We're supposed to be taking our a pose on Tuesday evening this week to do cluster 2 on the right, weather and 'night pass' depending. Aiii
  2. I am sure if you're travelling to the Mega Event on two wheels you will have no trouble parking near or possibly at the venue. Below are the designated town mototrcycle bays FYI. Victoria Multi Storey Car park Approx 10 Jubilee Multi Storey Car Park approx 10 Odeon Surface Level CP 1 Park View Surface Level CP 1 Forgive me if I don't provide you with GPSr coords, but you're clever people I am sure you can figure them out for yourself. I am not sure yet as to whether I'll be there on two wheels, but it'd be good to see if there's anyone up for a rideout on those ACE YORKSHIRE A ROADS ++++++++
  3. I'm banned from night caching Banned? I don't think so, who banned you? What happens if you come out with the fraggle in daylight and we don't get you home till 4am??
  4. Sounds like a top idea Alibags, do you think we can have a raffle at each one to determine who hosts the event the following month/two weeks/week? As for night caching, my trip tonight won't interest the Doc, coz he's already been there done that. When I get some place you haven't cached Ill let you know Aiiii
  5. Seems our south bucks cachers are caught in the middle of these events
  6. Berkshire might be a bit of a push if you're looking on the beds/bucks border. I am guesssing you must be Milton Keynes way? If you want to meet local cachers and there's not an event near you, I am sure someone can help you setup an event at a pub near you, like the meet in Berkshire that has been mentioned above. If you're looking for people to cache with, why don't you pick a series of caches you can do as a circular walk with a few pubs along the way , come back on here and ask if anyone wants to come caching - usually does the trick If you want to come night caching, PM me but you'll need nerves of steel and a big torch.
  7. Seems that the email notification didn't go out and DrSolly was unaware the cache had been enabled before he set out to do the series. Just incase it's happened again, the cache is active awaiting it's next adventures. It's the first case of doggled I've ever heard of!! linky
  8. Are ye getting the legend fixed or throwing it in the bin? I'd be interested in discussing it's future with you!! I have a Palm I can let you have that would be good enough to get you started with paperless if you decided to go with cachemate. I was thinking of turning the palm into a TB so it can be given to non paperless cachers to try out for free, before being passed on to the next cacher to try out. Hmm - PM me to discuss
  9. Strangely enough the thought had crossed my mind about digging up a real one, carrying it across the moors and dumping it someones back yard lol. Not sure I'd get permission for that lol
  10. I am thinking it would be really cool to get a life sized coffin to carry over the moors!! cofin cache lol!!!
  11. Hiya guys as some of you may know, I am trying to organise getting married. Normally the organising of a stag moose event is to be done by the best man, although he's in New Zealand. I was wondering if you crazy lot have any ideas on what I might do. My initial thoughts are goto the lake district for the lord of the rings series or go and do the lyke wake walk and get blotted in Robin Hoods Bay Ofcourse whatever it is would involve lots of caching one way or another. I guess this has to be organised before Autumn hits, so I am gonna wait and see what the mega event date is before deciding on the date of this crazy event. Has there been a geo stag event b4? Wonder what they did? MOOOOOOOOooooooOOOOSSSSSEEEEEEE
  12. for anyone that's interested we managed to cover three days in January, not as manay as I'd expected, so we got to eat a lot of cake hahahahaha. I also now have found more coins than I have found caches? I think there must have been well over a hundred coins on the table Aiii Not an icon addict honest
  13. I had a cache that wasn't meant to be published get published, the reviewer quickly retracted it but the notification email had already gone out. You see I'd asked for the caches to go live at my event, so wanted to have them pre-reviewed. Aii
  14. Iam sure that even if there was you wouldn't be turned away:)
  15. I need three more cache names to complete my Birthday Bish Bosh series. Any suggestions??
  16. I'm confused now A child waypoints .gpx file comes with the PQ which can be loaded to the GPS via the Mapsource software, is this what we're talking about here.....getting child waypoints on to a GPS or something else? I think I took it slightly off topic re child waypoints. Yes I know the childwaypoints is an extra file sent with the PQ, but older pages don't have that newish feature and so require a little more tweaking. Thanks, now I think it's back to New Garmin 60csx - what else do I need?
  17. Ooh, I'll look into that sounds like a much simpler way to get my childwaypoints onto my satnav.
  18. I'm curious... Why do you need Excel? dunno about anyone else, but I use Excel to crudley sort out child waypoints before inputting the data to POI edit. I use GSAK to output the info and use python to seperate the child from the parent WP's and Excel just to cut and paste colums into a workable format POIEdit can understand. I am then left with a POI of child WP's I can load to my satnav, it's bloody useful for multis and parking spaces Ofcourse I am sure there's an easier way to do all this. I'd love to hear what others do and how they use Excel:) While I am about it, I see Garmin have released a new range of GPSr 'colorado'. They have the clever function of loading waypoints wirelessly, but only from colorado devices. Surely this is stupidity, I think what we all need is a GPSr we can bluetooth waypoints to from our PPC or palm device. I know bluetooth is getting a bit long in the tooth lol, but it's still widely used and would persuade me to part with a wad of cache anyday. I can't imagine why Garmin haven't pursued my far superior idea. hehe
  19. It would work out quite cheap if anyone wanted a threesome or more lol
  20. I have fugawi, because I own a palm. I'll be upgrading to a PPC and Memory Map eventually. The major drawback with the palm is that you have to load section of map on at a time as you have to load it to the palm device before trasnferring it to the SD card. It hasn't caused me a big problem so far, as I just load the maps covering the areas I cache in frequently and if I am going somewhere new it's no issue to cut a map and transfer it. I find Fugawi can be extremely slow at loading on the PC, but this seems to be to do with the number of waypoints you have loaded. Once it's working things move around fairly quickly, I can print maps etc, and becuse I imported the GC.com symbols and with a little bit of GSAK cleverness I can easily spot the different cache types, containers etc. I believe some clever person has already done this for Memory Map.
  21. sounds like a stab in the heart situation with the helicopter advice. I think I'd probably try heading for the nearest PH, if I couldn't make it before closing, I'd keep my heading and kick the bloody door down. Whistles are good fun, but the best part of it is keeping warm and if you don't know how to do that there's no point in living. blow me whoot whoot
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