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  1. It's a bit bloody stupid to think that if your caches are activated before time that cachers are gonna wait till you want them to go find them. I alway give printouts at my events if I've hidden any caches, no complaints yet! I do it to irritate people who don't like putting the digits in their GPSr manually Nah really I do it because its my way of saying ta for coming to the event, you can have first shot at FTF! I know that the moment I hide a cache round these parts, there isn't a herd of wild horses that would prevent the usual suspects grabbing it within 24hrs, well normally a hell of a lot faster than that. No big deal, it's just a game! Enjoy and celebrate your FTF's and kick yerself for not getting them all! You're right, they're wrong! Happy Caching!
  2. Just thought that was some interesting figures and as it was one of my caches, I thought I'd be the first to say well done mate. Here's to the next 1000 caches, wonder if you can do it any quicker? I am amazed! Here the link to the log It's logs like these that makes setting caches FUN! Thanks The Crazy Muppet Fraggle
  3. As long as he doesn't go and edit geocaching into a negative thing. Not that I don't trust these types of people or owt like that.. should be a great promo for the sport if the right peeps are involved .
  4. That'll be great to see you at the Rev up and Ride out EVENT the first bank holiday weekend in MAY I might hold off on the round britain till next year, and perhaps we'll maybe have more time to get a geo team together for it. I may be tempted to join you for the Scottish rally, I'll need to look into it a bit more before I am convinced, or erm convince someone else it's a good idea lol, oh and convince work to give me the time off, but hey the latter has never been an issue for me Aiiii
  5. oooh it's 2008 and me bikes still not right but I may be tempted hehe, interested for real
  6. what GPS are you using and is it a usb connection? I suspect it's a garmin rs232 connection, make sure you don't have any programmes already using the rs232 port, close 'em down. Power cycle the gpsr and if all else fails restart your PC!! YEy party on
  7. I think you need to load the .gpx or .loc into fugawi then copy them to the relevent folder prior to sync. I Am surprised you can't manually enter coords on the fly, normally just hold down the stylus till the option to create new waypoint appears. Guess the mio works a bit differently to everything else! Wouldn't knock MM though, I can't wait for the day I can get me mits on that
  8. I found myself in a graveyard looking shifty round a tomb near Paddington Green copshop. Next to the tomb in question were four PCSO's on bicycles who were more interested in what they doing when they knocked off, than they were about a muppet like me poking and proding a tomb right under their noses. They didn't mistake my yellow etrex for a gun, which given the metal capability of such peole is truly amazing. Looking back on it, they probably thought it was a banana and they wouldn't be the first. Suspicious -Moi?
  9. So there's still a chance of a slow painful and agonising death, all because of one little prick.
  10. As a palm user I am ruled out of playing, unless someone with a ppc or garmin colorado wants to take me caching, or better yet lend me their kit permanently lol
  11. Well done Mik, word on the street is not only are you the only cacher in the UK to have all the cache type icons on your profile but at the moment you're the only one in the WORLD!! IS that a fact? Well done mate, lets hope the next 400 are just as much fun.. Top Dude
  12. I am not convinced I can get a date to keep everyone happy. My initial thoughts are a Friday or Saturday night, in the summer months.
  13. Is anyone interested in clearing the virtuals in central London ending in Greenwhich. It'll be a night cache and we'll be on motorcycles. I've got roughly 18 on my list to knock off, and I don't think we should limit ourselves to just virtuals if we're gonna be out all night Any Takers? Date - TBC
  14. Radiohead - Trk3 - The Bends Bit out of the way for you though!!
  15. er, I am told there's one in High Wycombe taking in about 10 caches. It's also suitable for the kids and best of all, starts and ends at the pub yey Birthday Bish Bosh series
  16. I carry a mirror. Apart from the obvious use of being able to admire my beauty at any time, I also use it as a periscope for looking into places where my head won't go, for looking behing railings, and for looking high up in trees. I use a mirror to reflect the sunshine into the eyes of any passing muggles. I also do it to cachers I want to annoy. If it's dark, a mirror is a good way of finding out if you have any vampires in your group!!
  17. lol, I had a contact from him at 8am today, I guess he's gone for it lol. I let him know about it on messenger at 10:30am just incase he missed it. Shame I can't ever get a locaionless icon
  18. If it meant a smiley, I'd crowbar it open....... If the owner got upset, I'd probably replace the container for them, or offer some money towards a new one.
  19. Ok, so I've been playing this game a wee while now. I am starting to see a lot of new cachers out in force with their TFTC 'stamps'. I don't have a problem with them, but I've noticed some logs don't have the date on them, just a massive fat stamp. What's the desired format for a log sign? I mean I always put the date and signed the log, I know other more accurate cachers often put the time as well as the date!! Does it say in the rules somewhere you 'must' put in a date on the log? Discuss....
  20. The Doctors cache is here The coin has yet to be logged in, but I get the impression it's already been logged out. (see logs)
  21. bloody good point, I never saw a single LPC on my WA trip, only extremely cunning urban hides.
  22. I know what you're saying, that guy hates his LPC's. I am not sure there is an equivalent urban cache, our lamposts are far too efficient. I like to think we're a little more creative with our urban hides here in the UK.. I suppose you're talking about the urban item most used to hide a cache. I guess it would have to be a bench or similar seat. Not that I find these irritating, just fairly common
  23. It's a complete pain in the mooooose, I thought all this was supposed to be fixed!!!
  24. Nevermind Doc, I am sure there will be some new caches out and about wherever the event may take place.
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