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  1. Not exactly in 'top gear' for your b'day lmn. Hope it's a happy one, given the circumstances, lets just hope you can make it next year. Aii
  2. Everyone take a great big fat CHILL PILL, lets see some love in the rooom..... and wait in chillness for a response from GS or big J, The man himself. boooyakashaaaaa
  3. That's not too far away mate! I will have room in my tent for Friday night only, my tents too small to get my machine in it, and I don't have the luxury of a car! PS I am sure a mod will close this thread down and we'll start up another, if that link was deemed too comercial for skool!
  4. Is it OK to not say "Beware of the Bull" if there is one???? They need to say if there is a bull, yes... easier to paint the creature with WARNING I AM A BULL on the side I liked the sign that read, There may be a bull in this field 'caution'
  5. I think th elink you're after is www.argos.co.uk or something like that. Personally I have a pet hate for gazebos, each to their own!
  6. I propose that anyone wishing to discuss this without fear of gagging goes HERE
  7. Looks like Paul is going all out to claim the FTF prize, he does know the prize is putting up everyones tent right? . Can't say what time I'll be there, I hope to leave here at dawn on Friday, thinkin it's about 3hr ride. Got some caches to do on the way up, so maybe add another 5hrs on top, guess I'll be there in time for tea. Just watch out for my smoke signals
  8. haha, yeah unlike the weather for most of my events, the weather this weekend is looking good so far. Tempted fate a little there, doh!
  9. We cached fairly well with a garmin questII, me mate borrowed it from a mate of his and so we gave it a blast. Did alreet too. You get used to what you cahe with so whatever you get will take a bit of time to learn. Aiii
  10. Because I'd archive all the dross, ignore all the rules and put lives at risk. I think that pretty much about covers it, oh exept I'd let all my caching buddies know of the FTF's available before I publish them, oh and I'd let them all have the soloutions to puzzles lol. I'd ban the inocent from the forums and have their acounts locked down, or does that already happen , could be a perk of the job that 'un! Do I get the job?? Didn't think so!
  11. I linked to something commercial ages ago and the reviewer told me to remove the link, atleast I think that's why he asked me to remove it. Maybe there's some confusion! lol
  12. Awww, I think Signal is cute... but then again, I quite like frogs!! Gotta have a burning frog as a UK logo then lol
  13. I think that managing to get both of the C words in one posting will get you banned There's your answer, Groundspeak should be a charity! Geohunting was never meant to be a business right? Always meant to be FREEE, in every aspect!
  14. I think Groundspeak have a lot to learn from the scouts. Nail on Head birdman!
  15. Well thats just bu**d the Mega event.... you try organising a Mega event where 800-1000 people are going to turn up on the day without pre-organising food The manager of the hotel (nb Hotel name withheld to stop 800 cachers turning up !***) in question will just think we are crazy not getting everyone to look at the menu beforehand and pre-book ! Oh yes lets just turn up on the day and expect the hotel to serve 800 meals in two hours ! This is just turning common sence into a farce ! *** by the way how are 800 people going to find a venue now they dont know the name of the place having to use a GPS when we are not allowed to drive on UK roads using them.... I think there will be some major accidents around harrogate in August ! Come on Groundspeak, this is another Wherigo farce... try thinking major decisions through before opening your mouth ! May I please make a comment that these are my thoughts as Harrogate Hunters and not at all related to the UK Mega committee ! chill man, things are back to normal!
  16. Event pages only or cache pages as well ? I think he means carry on as we did before, things are back to normal. The glitch in the cache time thingy has been repaired
  17. No, its an American way, clearly no consideration has taken place on a global scale. This is the entire problem in a nutshell. An idea is formed at GS and pushed upon the rest of the world, whether they like it or not. This is thoughtless! Thanks for being here to talk to us though, happy happy
  18. If we were to break away from GS and setup our own UK site and I am sure it would work well, I can't see how GS would be interested in sharing cache info with matey boy who goes out there on business trips two or three times a year with bugs and coins to deliver. Would we end up paying USA and UK? Surely the sensible thing to do would be for GS to accept that wherever you go in the world, people have different cultures and customes. So, the right thing to do would be to have a UK GS team that could implement rules for the benefit of the UK, not be told to implement rules that only affect a US cacher? Where's the sense in that? I dunno, I could be wrong? I think GS need to acomodate different cultures and customs, before telling us what we shall and shall not do. I think GS will probably like to work with us on this one to sort it out, because the alternative is a massive loss in revenue for J and the lackeys! Happy caching!
  19. It's kicking off next weekend, if anyone needs a reminder, this is IT. I know there's events that clash, maybe one or two, but we'd love to see you, even if it is for 5minutes. Hopefully with all that's been going on this week, it'll give you all something to look forward too and give you a big fat grin when you get there. Unluckily for me, my bikes been in bits, back together and in bits a million times, so don't worry if you see lots of smoke, but definately no smoking at all, whatsoever near my bike. It's the big blue one! All details can be found on the cache page, and if you wanna camp, feel free to contact the site directly. HERE Happy caching, Happy riding! happy happy happy You can't come if you're not happy.
  20. Events are the exception there. You can post the coordinates, meet up and have food and a drink and good old geo-chat. so pub names and menu linking on a cache page is accepted? Yes/No?
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