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  1. I wouldn't mind but I haven't even replied to this thread and you still take the e-p!ss OSS ROT13 BFF?
  2. hahahahahahahahaha Sensai tha'ts evil hahahahahahahaha Tis probably some pre-historic chav skull, nowt to worry about
  3. Be brave and kick the thing into a lake and watch it float. Good for a laugh and excuse to get your feet wet. As for the reset button, there is a palm application available that will reset your OS upon a crash. ie no need to open up when it's raining to reset. I am sure there's something similar for ipaq such as http://www.pocketgear.com/software_detail....;associateid=17
  4. I smashed the screen on an XDA when i fell over caching. Nothing serious just a trip with the XDA in my pocket with the screen facing outwards, Small stone must have hit it. Wondering if the only otter that provides hard screen protection is the 3600 (i can see it has a solid flap that can be lifted to do tocuh screen. Anyone got one or seen one and able to comment? Cheers C I believe they all provide hard screen protection. Obviously if the screen is flipped up at the same time you drive your pda through a tree, it's byeee byeeee screen. http://www.otterbox.com
  5. If they make us work for a living and trap us in an office or factory with morons, they should expect nothing less of us, when we go awol hunting and gathering with our gpsr.
  6. Otterbox 1900, will keep your PDA dry as a bone even when you're soaking wet.
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