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  1. That's bad Mr White!!! I was told today that if I don't send off my registration card I will not be entitled to any free upgrades etc etc. I feel tha their may be something in the pipeline. On the palm tis cool on the multi, plot next waypoint plan route follow the arrow CACHE BANG lol. I think they like to hear how it can be improoved. They should give me a job just to mediate lol
  2. Can you also tell me how responsive you think your GPS is? What I mean is when you move, does it take a long for the arrow to point the way forward or backwards ??
  3. That does create a new waypoint, but only at the coords where you tap. You can't edit the coords of any waypoint on the PPC. I think I know where you're coming from: 1)tap map 2)select new from the menu 3)You should then have the option - bottom right on the palm to edit location. This may be in the menu on the PPC? 4) edit location and run to it?
  4. On your PPC after you open fugawi there's some options in the menu. There should be an option that needs to be selected 'on tap create a new waypoint'. Let me know if this works, if not I've found their tech support pretty good.
  5. I wasn't aware gsak could upload your logs to gc.com from a cachemate import. Sounds a bit clever, but I remember coming across some cheapo looking - FREE software that would upload multiple logs to GC.com, can't remember the name of it right now. Sounds like there's a lot more to GSAK than meets the eye, I'll be watching this post closely.
  6. Hi as some of you are aware my BT 308 is broken. Can anyone recomend a replacement? The only criteria is that it has to be the same size or smaller than the globalsat308 and it must have bluetooth. Perhaps you can tell me things I need to look out for. I currently have my hands on a BT unit but does not have WAAS, and I am finding this a little slow at updating. Great for car nav but not so great as the hunt nears GZ. Aii Thanks
  7. Hi Gralorn, there is no other way to transfer the maps to the palm except in the following way 1) transfer the map 2)Export the map to SD card I am told that this is something to do with when the map is opened in Fugawi it uses X amount of system RAM, so I am told huge files on an SD card will not be seen. Sort of makes sense, but I suspect it's more to do with how the software processes the map durring hotsync of maps. When cutting a map I use 25% zoom so I get a fairly big area and just call the map the name of the town at the center of the map.
  8. Hiya all, I was given Fugawi as a present awhile back, because I asked nicely for it and it's compatible with my palm PDA unlike memory map and is aloso alot closer to my budget. I wanted it so that we could pick out footpaths and be able to plot the cache on the map and plan the best route to it. Well it works so I have no huge complaints. There's some qwerky bits, such as because I use a palm I can only load bite sized maps but they're more than enough to cover a large town or city town and then some. So I pick a town and I copy it to the palm then move it to the memory card. Not perfect but it does the job in the end. I noticed lordelph published some way of importing geocache icons into memory map. This got me thinking about Fugawi. Anyway, does anybody that uses Fugawi have any cool ways of using the geocache icons? I copied the geocache icons and popped them into the Fugawi Icon Folder so that's one way of making the icons available. If you're clever at naming the icons you can have them appear at the top of the icon list. Before you import the waypoint file created by GSAK, you assign the icon you want to be associated with that import. I'd love to know if there's a shortcut to get around the way in which icons are assigned to waypoints. You can setup your filters in GSAk to produce waypoint files for each cache type. This is a long method, so I wrote a little script that interrogates a single waypoint file created by GSAK, and outputs waypoint files for each cache type. You then follow the above process but make sure that you create a waypoint folder to add your import or things will get messy quickly. Personaly I have a folder for each cache type and a couple more for caches found etc. I'd like to know if the icons can be transferred to the palm for use in the field? I am guessing we are left with the lame waypoint indicators as standard:( I am currently trying to find out the maximum file size that can be imported, before Fugawi crashes . Maybe all this is old news or maybe it will help someone out, I just thought it was worth publishing as there's not too much info about Fugawi & Geocaching out there.
  9. I'll use this as a doorstop then. Maybe I'll come across another in the future and be able to repair it Ta
  10. This is interesting. I had set up a pocket queery to show all 'unfound' caches within X distance of my home. This way when some git publishes a new cache and forgets to input the correct date (I think I did that not so long ago), I am still made aware that the cache is active and unfound. Ofcourse I don't sit there like a melon refreshing the pocket query page, I sit there like a melon waiting for this to smack up on the screen - http://www.factsfacts.com/geocachingsoft/ThotsUtilities.htm FTF. I guess this is just one way of doing it, and there's no harm in having two FTF systems running incase one lets you down. I've not actually got an FTF to my name yet, so my advice may be a little lame. See you guys at 3am at the next FTF///// Aii
  11. Darn, I went out today to hide a rather evil little micro and what should happen???? My BT-308 gave up the ghost and refused to communicate with my PDA. Anyone ever come across this problem and found a soloution?? I know what you're thinking, if I was evil enough to hide an evil cache I maybe deserve it lol. The things only about three years old so I am surprised at it failing in this way. The LED's indicate it's getting a sat fix but no blue LED for comms. Being a tech head and unemployed I had plenty of time to pop open the hood and found nothing of great importance. I have a more uptodate one on order, obviously not the hottest but more of a replacement. I think I'll keep hold of the dead 'un till some spares turn up. Aii
  12. You can get a cheapo palm for a few quid on ebay if it's just the paper you want to get rid of. Used with cachemate this should be a perfect soloution. If you want mapping as well then I'd go and get a pocket PC and memory map. I already have a palm so I use fugawi and it's not at all bad. That's probably the expensive bit, and you want to have your goodies protected so you might want to buy an otterbox or an aquapak. PS never leave home without a compass and a map that won't run out of batteries Aii
  13. the story on this has to be a good one do tell You the guy who made his cache look like a pipe bomb?? haha
  14. It was an old weather satellite ahh but the debris may fly right by sat12 and we'll all be screwed!!!
  15. Is my GPS well off because they took down one of our sats??? http://edition.cnn.com/2007/TECH/space/01/...sile/index.html Just think if they took 'em all down?????
  16. Found by a cacher doing FTF on my terrorist hunt series - http://www.geocaching.com/seek/log.aspx?LU...14-3c53b6cd7781
  17. can you not swim? I don't mind doing some wading, if it means rescuing a coing I may be tempted to swim for it. Is there any ale involved? Are you buying Gill LOL
  18. can you not swim? I don't mind doing some wading, if it means rescuing a coing I may be tempted to swim for it. Is there any ale involved?
  19. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/beds/bu...rts/6266913.stm It's all over
  20. I was thinking more Thames Path Cache search and rescue
  21. Just thought I'd let you all know that the Thames Path is flooded upriver from Marlow, I don't know how far up. This photo was taken on the edge of Higginson Park in Marlow with Bisham Abbey somewhere in the distance. I too have a cache near a river so I'll be checking on that as it seems we're to get another wet and windy hammering this week.
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