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  1. I almost ran over your mum yesterday, but she's so fat I ran out of petrol trying to avoid her.
  2. Yes, if you send me lot of money I can even introduce you to her
  3. Really, how attentive you are oh sweet colourbox.
  4. go to the area and start looking, when you find a cache you've then found a cache in an area
  5. It's a no brainer rechargeable everytime, make sure they're good quality and none of that cheap crap from down the market....
  6. Public Liability Insurance, Required when placing cache? Heckle: Burn the nanny state!!! End Heckle:
  7. Good job the young lady wasn't using a handheld GPSr, she may well have found herself DEAD at the bottom of some cliff./
  8. Is there anyway of knowing exactly what time a cache was published?
  9. Nice big fat Oss to ya. Looks like you had a fun day out and about, we hope 4digit caching brings you as much fun as the last 999 caches. All the best from Team_Cat_Satan_Pirates - yaaarr
  10. I would say that this is not in the spirit of the game.
  11. Team of three makes for a good numbers cache. !) Driver taks care of all the driving duties 2) Navigator takes care of telling the driver he's gone the wrong way or that the driver should throw the car in the bushes. 3)Cache man, he's the one with the hints, past logs and specialist equipment. Works closely with the nav man. It's important to plan for more caches than you are likely to find, so that any DNF's are taken care of by the extra caches, keeping the numbers up. Above all, plan your route and stick to it. There's nowt worse than getting cold tired and hungry, then for some idiot to say, I have a plan lets try this one, it's not far!!!!! You should attempt to park as close to caches as possible, then run to GZ and run back. I may well be testing myself on these techniques soon. I am gagging to see how many I can bag before the 24 grains of sand run dry for meeeeeee.
  12. Awww you used your new GPS to find my cache in Marlow, I am touched. Hope it brings you loads more caches. I keep stealing the Trolls Etrex, it's really rather good when you get the hang of all the buttons. Yeah
  13. What software do people use for generating editing their cache pages? I have been coding the pages myself, but wondered if their was a generic 'free' program that would code up. Just thought I'd see if there was a WYSIWYG or similar that everyone favoured. Cheers Fraggle69
  14. simple thing to do is to hide a cache and wait for stupid kid to show up then SMACKHISHEADIN
  15. I think we need some more caches as currykev quite rightly points out. I wonder if the local cachers can be contacted to hide some more for our event. I was talking to SP yesterday, and I think he has a route he';d like to put forward for this one, so watch this space.
  16. It's not an area I would find myself visiting, so is good for me NW of Sandy Beds
  17. I think it was obvious after I failed to find the micro, that the info had walked. I clearly found the container (empty) as per my first (deleted) log. I see now why the log was deleted lol as the container was unusual to say the least. Anyway I am not upset I didn't get FTF, I quickly assured myself that the squirels were not after me and that I did everything I could possibly do to beat the squirel. I am gonna ******* kill and beat the next squirrel that does this to me. [calm] It was a great walk at night and the small hours. Would recomend it and the pub looked nice, I wasn't sidetracked by that at the time.
  18. Yeah Sensai, gotta make it a Saturday - Sunday thing. I can't stick walking all night after working all day.
  19. Yeah man, I'll be up for that, depends a little on the date. I guess we'll be going somewhere we haven't cached before. No bloody Chaz 'n bleeming Dave this time, or I may have to drive my stake through the MP3 player...
  20. Exactly, why hang a poo bag on a tree when just yards away is one of those red bin thingies.
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