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  1. as it's late I've not taken the time to read the entire forum, but I'd like to suggest sending the beavers home with a flyer about geocaching. nite nite sry if that was already part of the plan Aiii
  2. I've not seen anything unusual as such but a local cacher doing one of my caches found this LOG LINK
  3. Thanks for the concise and informative answers. Aiiii
  4. Does anyone have a good way of keeping track of solved puzzles that they have yet to venture out to find? I see some logs where people have logged and said they solved the puzzle months ago but only got round to doing the cache. I am useless for keeping hold of any info for more than 5minutes somedays.
  5. digital mapping is great for your everyday caching, but if I am out and about for more than a day or two I like to have a paper backup and a compass. I used to be a boy scout you know....
  6. I am trying to get a list containing only the child waypoints. Is there anything I can do in GSAK to only export the child waypoints or export only caches that have child waypoints?? Cheers Fraggle
  7. palm This palm should be fast enough for cachemate purposes. There's also the zire72 but I use that and I am not happy with the battery life but I use it for getting to GZ and as a sat nav aid on the bike. Someone maybe able to suggest something a little cheaper that would run just as well.
  8. In option 2, what software would you replace cachemate with?? I think it's a really good database especially if you have an SD card, I currently have 5000 caches on my SD card in cachmate format. I can also export the coordinates to cetus GPS and away I go. The only thing lacking here is photos/images which you need for some caches!! Maybe someone knows a way round this for me??
  9. get a cheapo palm from ebay for a few quid, you'll have to check with cachemate and fugawi if you plan to use these as tools that the palm you purchase is supported. It would be worth buying an incar charger for your palm if you decide that is your way forward. Aii
  10. Can anyone tell me how cachemate handles child waypoints for the palm? Maybe it doesn't support child waypoints at this moment in time, but perhaps there's a work around I had not thought of? Before you mention it I am aware of the pocket PC version supporting this feature. Cheers
  11. methods have already been mentioned, but you could also ask people to drop you a line with their email address. This way you can add their address to a self made mailing list and blast that out. Ofcourse this would likely lead to all sorts of issues if you don't have the no how to mask everyone elses email from everyone but one, for the sake of a little net privacy. Aii If they're not coming they won't be reading/watching the cache page
  12. Make sure you have WASS enabled in the system menu. This should get you closer to the cache, also check the software is upto date by visiting the garmin website. I don't find the yellow etrex that great under tree cover!! Aii
  13. Completely understand why some hiders would not want to put down parking coordinates for certain caches. I put down parking coordinates for a couple of reasons, but would certainly not enforce this on anybody else. I am merely saying if you place an urban cache and you want to give parking coordinates, can you also consider motorcycle bay parking coordinates?
  14. It has struck me that although I enjoy speeding off in the car to the middle of nowhere to cache, I often find myself stuck on two wheels in an urban environment. I know there's a lot of helpful people out there that put in parking coordinates for cars, but would it be too much to ask for cache setters to give parking coordinates for the nearest motorcycle bay, especially in LONDON??? I am thinking major cities and towns here, NOT the countryside I know there's a lot of you guys that ride as well as drive, and because there's very little parking in London for four wheels I am thinking it's a great idea to promote 2 wheels. No congestion charge No parking Fees(yet, but that's a different forum)! The downside I Am known to the local cops as a geocaching organ doner!!!! Aiii
  15. In my experience nanos are really only good for hiding coordinates in etc but here's the weblink I have for all of you. Before any1 asks, the answer is no I am not affiliated nor do I have shares in the company. nano/micro and TB passport
  16. Nah, can't be bothered really. I saw all the little grumbles and I wanted mine to be the biggest so I came up with the MEGA grumble. Maybe there's a cache idea in there somewhere? thanks for taking the time to read this nonsense, byeeeeeeeeeeee:)
  17. we can always feed 'em to the bunnies
  18. The last cacher to insult me on this forum met with merlin the killer wabbit. I am not sure on my facts but I believe the bunny may have been responsible for the maiming of the 'missing cacher'!!!
  19. indeed Any similarity between you and a human is purely coincidental!
  20. yes Like a death at a birthday party, you ruin all the fun... Like a sucked and spat out smartie, you're no use to anyone."
  21. Oi If your brain was chocolate it wouldn't fill an M&M.
  22. Your mum is so ugly, the government moved Halloween to her birthday.
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