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  1. Hi guys, I am flying into Phoenix on the 19th September and flying back out on the 25th September. I am wonderring if there are any events planned and or if anyone wants to meet up and go caching on Sunday the 20th? I should also be available durring the week after office hours for some night caching []. I'll be staying in a hotel off happy valley, so to the north of the city. Last time I came over I visited the North West cachers and had a fantastic time GC166J1(thanks allanon). I hope this time to have a similar excellent experience with you guys in the South West [] Any takers? Fraggle
  2. Mtn-man must have altitude sickness! I can accept you don't want to advertise geocaching events that are listed on other sites such as navicaching or terracaching, but I must correct you. quote 'this isn't a Geocaching Event Cache.' I think you'll find it is a geocaching event, I mean Groundspeak didn't invent geocaching you know! Many Thanks
  3. (Link removed by moderator) Incase you didn't see it on your notifications
  4. http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=207402
  5. http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=207402
  6. Tis probably a good thing. It must be a lot of work to moderate the forum and find time to review caches, and maintain the training of the relatively new reviewers. It comes as no surprise, but suspect the timing could have been better.
  7. Now then, how long before you're looking for a new UK reviewer? She worked hard to make everyone happy didn't she? Byeee ducky, best to be on the GAGB side anyway. GAGB forums Ruuuuuule
  8. After attending the lyke wake walk event, I got to thinking about the Dodentocht again. Wonder if there would be any takers, on this one. Maybe some caches and an event? Location Belgium.
  9. I don't give two shuttle cocks mate, if you wanna collect money for CIN, go ahead. Echo the GAGB route! The forum here considers itse'f right wing, and to me too gay, go gagb or be irish arrrrr me' hearty a slivther of silver in yer panties
  10. Thanks Deci. You know I never thought I'd be happy to see Mongers on the otherside of the fence. Top effort for coming out to meet us enroute mate, it was encouraging to have your support. Yup, my joints were whaked and very glad you didn't have your video cam to record my attempts at making my way back from the cache 200m from the event in Robin Hoods Bay. I learned a great deal and will remember the trip fondly, I just know I'll do it again someday. Thanks to all that supported the walkers and to the walkers for outstanding team spirit that got us all to the end more or less in one piece. Thanks
  11. That sums it all up nicely and reiterates my comments about it all being in the eye of the beholder. <Disrespectful and totally "off topic" remark edited by Moderator> <once again comment edited by Moderator> I am not bothered tbh. gag me again if you like I quite like it. More tea vicar?
  12. That sums it all up nicely and reiterates my comments about it all being in the eye of the beholder. <Disrespectful and totally "off topic" remark edited by Moderator>
  13. OMG you better get ready for a BAN!
  14. Since you vouched for him I'll give him the benefit of the doubt and reduce it to a 3 day restriction, as long as he doesn't put his foot in it. Should never have been banned in the first place. I think you owe an appology, you clearly over reacted.
  15. Ape like Decision, clearly bullied and tormented as a child to take such great offence. Arrrrrrrrr
  16. lol, could have ben something else, and the swelling much more inconvenient LMAO hehe Where's the photo mate lol hehehe Aiiii
  17. Good turn out here, I propose the same venue for next year to reveal the 2010 venue and get more smiles hehehe! Savvy....
  18. I thought our point had been put forward to GS in a thought out manner? Am I missing something?? Woof
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