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  1. Now i've seen the front, i'm curious for the back or real pictures. Keep up the good work!
  2. Today 3 sets of these (A set is 1 shiny copper & 1 shiny silver) : Diameter: 1 inch (2.5 cm) (in real they are very small ) Thickness: 2 mm Finish: shiny silver and copper Color: imitation enamel And at the last day of 2007 i recieved a Dutch Geocoin 2006
  3. I guess that in 2008 there will be a right shoe? Coin looks great. I ordered last saturday to much coins, so my wallet is really empty.
  4. Even I think (I live in the Netherlands) the coin is expensive (12.56 in Euro's, 18.49 in Dollars). I'm really curios what the prize is without the shipping. But I think the coin is great. Ehem... where can I change the language at the orderingpage? I can't speak or read any Scandinavian language at all
  5. The V1 finally arrived. They looking very very nice. I'll hope the V2 looks that nice too. But i'll think they will
  6. It was my first Crake purchase too. And I liked the gift too. Because I said i liked the Suncatche 2006 more, it doesn't mean i don't like the 2007 version. I've got great respect for those who have an idea for a coin and it will turned out like these! My English isn't good , so i'll hope you will undersstand what i'm trying to say
  7. Wow! Looking great! I'm sure I'll buy some and give my brother in law at least 1 of them. He's a guitar player too.
  8. Finally!! Yesterday in my mailbox: 6 Rainforest Jewels (3 gold, 3 silver). They were worth waiting! AND an Earthe Turtle! Thanks Tsun. I'll hope the V2 will swim faster over the ocean than these
  9. I did. I recieved them yesterday. They are great , but i do like the suncatcher 2006 more
  10. wow ..... looking very cute Today in my mailbox: an echo and some bills
  11. I like these. The design is great . Is there a possibilty to buy a whole set , I don't have much to trade
  12. It isn't mine. I don't know who made this.. just found it on the internet.
  13. Sent e-mail to order some! The coins looks like a jewel.
  14. i like the green ribbon one I like the paw. (most left one) How is it called? Perhaps i can put it on my seekinglist
  15. If you do and the coin looks great probably I will buy some. I had the same idea as you... but i'm afraid for the work its will take and i don't have any(at the moment) Something like this? (found on the internet)
  16. Same here... hopefully I'll recieve them somewehere this week. Some stress is coming up .....
  17. Cant wait for the invoices for V1 Hopefully i can get some of V2 too! They are awesome!
  18. The dog looks afraid There is at least one creature afraid
  19. Ooooh, very very nice! Were did you buy them? Do you have al link? I know some people who will like this coin too!
  20. Too bad, too late... to order. Hopefully there are more coins coming and can i get one by buy or trade.
  21. These are nice. I like the green one (not the one wtih the glitters) and the blue one. Maybe I'll buy them later, my wallet is empty This one is also nice.You can fall over the edge if you were concentrated at your GPS Maybe I'll get one later when my wallet has money in it I recieved today 3x a set Gecko Geocoins from Landsharkz And earlier this week: 4x Surfboard Hibiscus 6x Surfboard Fire 6x Surfboard Dots 2x Road to Sacramento 1x Bee-Ware (AB) 2x Gerbera Daisy Micros 4 1x Travel Bug® for Hitchhikers 2x World Traveler 2006 1x Pin Evil Micro Glow in then dark (that's the reason that my wallet is empty)
  22. Argh! Lost in transit. There goes my hope to find one in the Netherlands
  23. I recieved this week a few surfboards. The are very small: 1,3 cm by 4,5 cm. They are really nice. Now i'm still hoping to get a turtle
  24. I really want to have these: I was too late to buy them
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