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  1. Today arrived a big envelope with 6 combo's of the Crake Prickly Pear and a Swallowtail lapel pin.
  2. Well - everyone remember - the next, and ONLY further versions are in the Webstore now - and, are going fast. Not a whole lot left! (Around 100 remaining of ALL versions combined!!) Sale goes through March 5th! Hmm, I don't see the new horses anymore.... on your pre-salepage... Are they sold out? If it is, i'm too late
  3. This is a really really nice coin, and I really realy want one of them. But i saw on eBay that you don't ship out side the USA Is there any chance to get at least 1 shipped across the ocean? (to me of course ) My english is not that good, but i'll hope you'll understand
  4. I would like to have a 10 pack, email sent When will they be shipped?
  5. Yesterday i recieved a Morpho Butterfly. I fell in love . Now I want the others too And I had to go to the postoffice for the 'New beginning GC10000'. I recieved two coins, a B and a C version and both copper. Today I recieved an email that the Crake Prickly Pear are shipped, so hopefully I've got within a week an another happy coin day
  6. Are there that much nontrackables?? I've got only one: 100 TB's Found!
  7. Does anyone know what version this is?? I saw it on eBay and they say it is an V2 Black Nickel, but the colors are strange
  8. I'm looking for one these: Silver version Copper Version I will trade a Rainforest Jewel (V1 or V2) against it. (or something else from my tradinglist, tradinglist here)
  9. The designg is awesome!! ... an empty walet.... Hopefully will someone trade one
  10. little bit darker yellow or orange like this for the leafs, the center light brown (not that kidda color so it will look like poo, but i'll hope you'll understand what I mean) and the 2008 in the same color as the leafs, so it looks like a real sunflower. Metal: antique gold or antique copper
  11. Flag of the Netherlands But watch out. The flag of Luxembourg looks like it but with lighter blue
  12. I'm an 8 times Certified Geocoin Addict First I was shocked and after that I was laughing out loud when I saw the back of this coin! Probably I should take a look in the mirror more often....
  13. Are you sure?? Because someone wants to trade against the regular edition and I don't want do dissapointed because of trading the wrong one
  14. Does someone know how the LE looks like and how the 'normal' version lookslike of this coin: GC&PC April 2007 Daffodil I orderd two times a LE version but I recieved 2 different ones (A shiny gold/copper and a shiny silver (it looks like it)).
  15. I interested too. (I can't see the pictures in post #1 )
  16. ......I was just making a post and some did offer what i was asking!......
  17. 6 kitties today! yesterday: 10 signal pins and the Remember 9/11 (Geoswag Coin and pinclub) coin+pin
  18. owowowowowh! I found 6 very cute kitties in my mailbox! I love them almost more than my 4 real cats!
  19. Almost all my coins are not activated. I've got only 10 activated and 6 are on a trip (1 lost)
  20. Looking for these? (I don't know if its the latest)
  21. The V2 were fast (faster than the V1)! This time i recieved them within a week and they are looking awesome! Tsun, thanks for the great designs!
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