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  1. how about a GPS with a necklace somewhere on its neck or arm? I like the idea
  2. If i knew before that they turned out this cool, i'm sure i bought some! Awesome combinations of colors.
  3. Something tells me that the back looks like an old German coin (before the Euro). Am I right?
  4. Wow someone got a great deal on the ebay auction ! They only sold for $122.06 I wish that I had the funds to bid for them I had. But i see this today and the bidding is all over (Ebay is looking for geocoin auctions, but didn't found this one. When it did i would have done an offer)
  5. Me too.... Thanks Goofy cacher, i sure hope you find a lot of caches And hopefully a few in the Netherlands
  6. I'm looking for one of these (AS and/or blue is a favorite) Four Musketeers coin.
  7. Today i recieved 10 Signals. I wanted to complete the whole 2006 serie and today it is! (edit 10.19 PM European Time: It doesn't I'm still missing the Signal October 2006....) i also got 5 Night Bug Racers (each of every color)
  8. I would purchase "Moar Fishehs" And would like to have one of these
  9. wow. I would like to have one too. I don't have something on my traderlist that you have on your seekeinglist
  10. I was wondering when they will be shipped, but then i saw this post. If i'm right i can expect them next week. (Hopefully is the mailman in the USA fast, isn't the plane delayed and they don't check the package at the border and is the mailman here in the Netherlands fast. )
  11. Darn.... I didn't see this topic until right now. I like the coins too, great design, great idea! OMG, I was to early (it was 7 pm here in Europe) and to late (like now, its 10.38 pm here in Europe) Does some one have an extra set en want to sell it to me
  12. Me too! 1 is going to participate in a Dutch race called 12 Provinciën Geocoin Race, to spead some sunshine in Netherlands
  13. Solved... Thank got I didn't clean up my sent box... Probably it's not the right topic to post, but i don't know where to post. I had made a trade for a brown and a black carousel horse against 2 other coins (I believe it were 2 RFJ). The problem is i don't know anymore who that was. I want to contact that person. Please contact me if I had made this trade with you (PM of e-mail), I have something to ask. Thanks a lot!
  14. Can't wait to recieve the ones I bought
  15. In the last 3 weeks i recieved these: Together with Carroussel Horse (brown, I thought it was the one with the copper finish) Een Earth Turtle AS en een Northern Right Whale BN LE All seasons summer silver Signal January 2006 4 around the world in 80 caches (2 black and 2 red ones) Compass Rose. Yesterday: Morpho Butterfly Glow in the dark Cache cow coin GW5 BN Lizardtoadz the Toad V1 Geocoinclub 2006 (monopoly) And there wil be more to come.... I'm hoping that the other 3 horses I traded arrive soon, and also the 3 others I bought.
  16. 1. Participating -> email sent 27th of februari 2. Received Name -> 3. Mission Sent -> 4. Birthday Arrived ->
  17. I did sent an email for a few coins. There are to much coins I want to have....
  18. Now i'm happy. I just orderd 2 new ones and a white horse.
  19. what color is your v2 ?? Like the second one
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