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  1. 1. Are you a Geocoin Metal Collector? Depends on how the coin looks like within the different metals. 2. Do you think it is Selfish to seek all of the Metals of your Favorites? Nope 3. What is your Favorite Metal Type? Most of the time I would say Black Nickel. But I like also the Antique or Satin versions of the different metals
  2. Searched everything... but I didn't ... omg...
  3. Email sent. Going on a holiday in the first week of September to France. Close to the border of Italy and later Switserland.
  4. I did order a few. It's nice to know that they will arrive soon here. (Then the Arabian horses have some friends )
  5. Please take a look at the website (see picture). You can find some information there AWESOME! Yeah~ what she said! When & where can I get these?!
  6. Maybe there is also interest in a trackable GC like this. You can give the GPS different Colors. Like the idea. (but i don't collect pins)
  7. (letting some text away) Like that idea. I had the same thought Or how about a horse and on his body the world? Somebody have to work that out. Can't make any designs with a pc.
  8. The last 2 days i recieved 4 packages (1 wasn't for me) I found in them: Lizards Lizards! (whole set (green, blue, red)) Geomuse 2007Copper MWGB Tie Dye Shirt - Orange Around the world in 80 caches (racer, the light blue one) GC10000 C (Antique Bronze) GC10000 A (Antique Copper) Country ID - GB Country ID - CDN Thanks for the trades!
  9. A lot of interest here!! It's no problem to pay for them if it's necessary.
  10. Hi all, I've got some Oakbucks (21), but I live across the ocean and I don't have plans to fly to the USA to visit a place where I can 'exchange' them . Is somebody interested? They expires dec-08 I've got also 2 AS and 2 AG Horses Around The World (Arabian) available for a trade My seekinglist (if you get the home page, look for Ilonka)
  11. I believe that the Hippie Bus Micro also in Green is since GW VI
  12. Yep. At Geoswag. You can find them at the pre-sale page. Picture: I'm still thinking if I should buy some (at least 1 for my collection)........
  13. 2x 2bugs coin (they are fast!) Thanks 2bugs for the trade
  14. Same here. But I've seen this one (because my boyfriend found it in his cache):
  15. Will the text 'Do you have what it takes' and 'to put the pieces together' be in the same character type? (I don't know exactly how you call it in English) Or will it be different? A great idea anyway (thumbs up!)
  16. Mission sent -> yesterday! Mission completed. Do we get a birthday mission 2009?
  17. Wanttohaveonewanttohaveone Stunning! Speechless..... Too much emotions......
  18. What a great little mystery coin! I think some Batman fans will adore it and really want to have it.
  19. Like the fish Hopefully it will bring a lot of luck. Great design!
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