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  1. Ditto But I suspect one cannot get one's hands on it..... I suspect it must make it's own way to you. I suspect it is so special that it must be gifted. But then again ~ ~ ~ I really have no idea. I would like to have one too. I like it! Yesterday in my mail: Linux micro Mouskakat gold and a MB 'the G-mas cache' (never seen it before) It's a trackable coin
  2. missed these. Found this topic when i was searching for an another one! Darn... Does somebody has a full set for sale or trade?
  3. Not in the mail but received at the postoffice yesterday: (3 available see traderlist) Today in the mail:
  4. Darn... It took too much time to decide if I should participate or not...
  5. I like the one in the middle (front row) how is it called?
  6. Is there more info about the price of this coin? I really would buy some (and yes 1 of each goes in my collection)
  7. Oh very nice! And where will these be sold? CF30 Chris Rake has helped me create these, and will be handling the sales of some of them for me. I'll be starting another thread to make the announcement official. They are modeled on his Nomad Coins(as you can tell from the back) and will likely carry the Nomad Icon(not decided 100% yet) Maybe it's possible to get an bike icon? This is goining about bikes so I think a bike icon is more right for this. Hopefully I can get 1 (buy or trade)
  8. I did get them today (2 sets of 4 coins), like the design. I didn't put these at my tradinglist and I've got already an offer for a trade
  9. I miss Team OleOmi. I did sent them an email several times for a trade but they never respond. I see that they are still following the geocoinbusines, they are still putting new coins at their seekinglist... KDV?? Long time not seen.....
  10. I heard about a Bughunt (TB's, no info) and I know the 12 Provinciën geocoin race (Coins)
  11. I agree.... I'm speechless.... So many Dutch coins??? VGC 2006 - Deam Wolfje .... I should change it in VGC 2006 - Team Wolfje
  12. Came in (last 4 weeks): Halloween Compass rose (4x) GoldStar Shiny Gold Road to Sacramento Blue DNF Gold CH (Schweiz Switzerland) USA Bumper Sticker (United States) FIN (Finland) The Persistence Of Caching AB LE The Persistence Of Caching AS I Came I Saw I Cached Pug Geocion AS (2x) Pathtag Sherpa Beachball Letterboxing GWVI bear Nerd Geoguitar Highly Addictive Polished Silver Fiabus cat (3x) Grodan&Fiabus pathtag Pure (black) Isle Royale National Park Antique Silver Pin (dutch flag)
  13. Put these on my seeking list: Why didn't I see these earlier?
  14. How is its name? I want to put it at my keeperlist, but can't find it.
  15. Pay attention to the roads, WATCH FOR BIKES! Going to my bed .... zzzz
  16. Pay attention to the roads, WATCH FOR BIKES! stupid slow internet!
  17. Last time I played DK King of Swing to make the jungle rumble. But every time i was kicked down and had to start again. I hate it now. My last game is "More braintraining from Dr. Kawashima". (Is it a game??) The game told me that my brain is 80 years old!! So have to work really hard to lower the brainage by doing some brainexercises. When I lower my brainage (then I should be smarter), maybe I understand finally LFD with his obsession for Donkey Kong Oops... I didn't buy a MB...
  18. Pay attention to the roads, WATCH FOR BIKES! ... darn... too late...
  19. Pay attention to the roads, WATCH FOR BIKES!
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