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  1. Darn, I want some... and have to wait till next week before I can pay them.... Fingers crossed that the coins I would like to have are still available.
  2. edit: because I already had the answer at my question
  3. 1. Participating -> Email sent 24 Januari 2009 2. Received Name -> 3. Mission Complete -> 4. Cupid Arrived! ->
  4. Signed up: (Date) 24 Dec. 2008 Received Name: (Date) 28 Dec. 2008 Sent Package: (Date) 16 Jan. 2009 Received Package: (Date) 13 Jan.2009 Picture of the package I received: Thanks!
  5. I'm interested if someone would like to trade (in 1 trade): Earth Turtle Christmas Naughty Lump of Coal Black/Black Nickel Earth Turtle Christmas Santa's Elf Green Glitter/Gold Earth Turtle Christmas Santas Helper Red Glitter/Nickel Earth Turtle Pittsburgh Black/Yellow 2008 (GCF Edition) Earth Turtle GW6 Copper 2008 OR Dragonfly Talisman Bucket List Edition Dragonfly Talisman Crimson Antique Copper Dragonfly Talisman Johnny Cash Edition Dragonfly Talisman Nutella Dreams Antique Copper Dragonfly Talisman Ocean Mist Antique Silver Dragonfly Talisman Steel Viking Nickel Against my whole set of G-files coins (1 regular, 2 XLE, 1 LE) and 8 Oakbucks (in 1 trade)? Picture of a G-files coin: Or am I asking to much?
  6. Signed up: (Date) 24 Dec. 2008 Received Name: (Date) 28 Dec. 2008 Sent Package: (Date) Received Package: (Date) 13 Jan.2009 (Picture follows)
  7. Hopefully it will visit my place too. I've got 4 cats who will be his friend
  8. He wants to sleep all the time so do I.....
  9. I can't wait for March / April! Can I participate for 2?? Or did I forgot to read something?
  10. Like the idea, but I'm curious how the translucent will look like. Sooo, I'll wait for the pictures
  11. Can someone add/invite me too?? Please??
  12. At this point I really really really would like to have a full set of the Dragonfly Talisman coins. I'm also missing some 2008 ET's, that I really would like to have.
  13. See some Chrismas stuff here... I guess i missunderstood the Chrismas in Chrismas clearance
  14. * There are a lot of dogcoins. If you go to this website and search for 'dog' you'll find 2 pages. * Here you can find 'Trakabulldog': link * Here you can find 'Pug': link (if you don't see it directly, then go to page 7 or try the search option) * Here you can find a Labrador coin: link This are coins I could find at this moment. I'm sure there are more.
  15. Do you have a picture of the Phoenix Series coin?
  16. What are the shipping costs overseas? Or don't you ship outside the US?
  17. I like it. And i know there are more her in the Netherlands who will like this design
  18. Signed up: (Date) 24 Dec. 2008 (for 2 missions) Received Name: (Date) Sent Package: (Date) Received Package: (Date)
  19. You know "you're" a Geocoin addict when... you are swimming in your warehouse between your coins, like Scrooge McDuck (family of Donald Duck) with a big smile on your face Like this : Yeah... right....
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