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  1. Hi there, oh wise ones We started geocaching the beginning of this year and have always used my i phone but decided it may be good to get a GPS so that Im not so hysterical when the children want to run with it, drop it in mud etc and in a vain hope to not always flatten my battery! I bought one from e bay, a Garmin e Trex Venture Cx. I can plug it into our computer, turn it on etc but when I click download to GPS it brings up a licence agreement pop up which I click i agree to but then nothing, the box doesnt disappear, change, or look like anything is happening. Aby ideas? Its most probably user error!
  2. Thanks chief, I will double check I am getting the thing I want!
  3. Thanks for the replies. I knew they were different things on the intro app it calls the upgrade for the app a premium app but think this must just be the full app. It is the official geocache app. The trial app lets us go to quite a few a day, more than 3 but it does select which ones we can find. I think maybe paying for the full app would do us for now
  4. So we have been geocaching for a month and loving it. I am thinking about upgrading soon but not sure which would be the best value. At the minute I tend to the free I phone trial app bad then the website for the ones the app doesn't show. What are the advantages of either of these upgrades?
  5. Thank you I think it's me just not understanding how coordinates work, we have got a part where it says above 14.9 and then another which gives height. Maybe we will stick to the easier ones! We were so excited we had cracked the code but still have a way to go!
  6. Ok thanks for your help, I was hoping I could plot on the website and then look. I wasn't sure whether to buy the full app or upgrade our website membership
  7. Need some help. I'm a newbie, now logged 7 finds, loving it so far. Going out tomorrow to find more, so we thought we would try a puzzle cache. After a lot of puzzling I have cracked the clue and it's given me the coordinates but I have used my smart phone and the free geo caching app to find all others so far. Where can I enter the coordinates to get an accurate position. I have never used coordinates before and it looks like a set if numbers directions which don't yet make sense to me! I wasn't sure whether to post the whole lot here or whether someone can point in the direction of what to do with these!
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