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  1. Has anyone ever replaced their sportrak screen. I once took the GPS apart and it does not look too hard. I know Magallan charges 100 bucks and I would rather put that towards a new GPS.....or again if someone knows how to replace the screen, that would be best short term.............Like, Do I buy a small piece of glass at the Hardware store and cut to size then drop it in?..........................Thanks.
  2. Used, but still works fine. Comes with 2 suction cup holders for windshield(one new one used), serial cable, clip on protective case(like a cell phone), manual, original box. Tell me your geographical area and I will upload the appropriate maps into the memory. Has a 9 meg base map. Only issue is the common small crack in the sportrak pro's battery opening. Does not affect operation of unit. $110 shipped. I can send pictures and I do PayPal.
  3. I can buy a bran new one for $125 on TigerGPS.com. If you sell it for like...........................way less..........then someone might be interested.
  4. Are the base Maps on these any good?...very much detail?
  5. I agree, the vista/ legends are pretty small screens when you are trying to read the maps. I love my Sportrak Pro and Meridian Gold. Also gotta love the Quad antenna too!
  6. Send me some pictures....how do you take payment?
  7. I mean the very first Geocache ever? I read the "how geocaching got started...in Portland, Oregon" But where is/was #1?
  8. First thing my Uncle (Garmin Legend man)said when he saw my Meridian Gold was "WOW" you're screen is alot bigger and easier to read than mine!! If I had to replace, I would take a hard look at the Lowrance Ifinder, Garmin 76, and another Meridian Gold.
  9. Ask the question at the following Yahoo Magellan Meridian Forums!! I have found it a great resource for my questions. Lots of experience there.....
  10. you want something with a Quadrifiler antenna. Better reception in the trees. Magellan Gold. As for topo maps, My magallan has many more unimproved roads/trails than the Garmin. I could tell you story after story about how a little used road on the GPS has saved my bacon more than once out in the middle of nowhere.... Also, don't get any of the etrex lines, ie, vista, etc, the display is soooo small. The Garmin mapping ones are better. More screen easier to read!
  11. ALTERNATE USES FOR GPS: - In the Boat for Duck Hunting to go back to a good hunting spot on the lake at 3 am in the early morning fog/mist. - 4x4ing cross country at night with night vision goggles trying to find lost people giving you the coordinates on the radio....I would not recommend this at home............
  12. I have had a sticker on for almost 2 years and no one has said anything. DANG.
  13. there was this one cache that you lifted a piece of wood off of a covering and there was a rubber snake tied to the bottom of the wood and it gave you a pretty good scare....other than that.........the occasional dead animal and trash....
  14. Buddy @ work told me it was to find small containers of Treasure.......................then I went to find a Virtual cache thinking it was a regular. Did not know what a virtual cache was. I looked and looked for a container and gave up, then went home to check coords and found out what a virtual cache was.
  15. Why has no one mentioned a see through clear container?
  16. Magellan Gold or Platinum or Sportrak Pro have a quadrifieler antenna which is more accurate than Garmins Typical Patch antenna. Especially under trees. Also the Garmins tend to have a smaller display. I supppose the caution would be, pay attention to the trail or road instead of concentrating on the GPS. CRASH!
  17. Has anyone figure out with the Sportrak Pro how to replace the little screw inside when it becomes stripped out from heavy usage??
  18. If you set SAVE power mode to ON to save power with the Garmin etrex Vista, does it still track satellites? If you set power save mode to off does it suck batteries bad?
  19. Which Topo is better on the Unit? The Garmin Topo or the Magellan Topo? Better Detail, contour lines points of interest, etc.?
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