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  1. What's wrong with Ulilikilts? I happen to own 3 of them and wear them all the time. I even wear them into work before I change into my BDU uniform. If I can take the razzing from a bunch of Army guys for the last 3 years I think UK's should qualify. Heck my avatar is wearing a UK too. How many others cache in their UK's? Just my own opinion and not trying to stir things up. But UK's rock!!!! JP
  2. Hey guys, Just wanted to give everyone a heads up in the group. I am heading to Louisiana with about 4,000 other soldiers from the Army to provide aid and civil relief to the area. I will try to have my wife take care of the coin issues at hand but I don’t want to be left out on the deal. I may be gone from 15-45 days providing relief. I hope everyone understands my situation; I should be flying out in the morning and won’t have net access until I get back home. Hope to see everyone soon. Jason –aka- Palm Grunt
  3. I am looking for a cacher located in Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan that would like to do the "Sisters" cache, GC4226. I live in Portland, OR USA and Sapporo is one our sister cities. if you are interested in earning a Locationless cache please contact me. Jason
  4. Rumor mill has it that many people plan to attend the event. Please either email me or post on the event page if you plan to attend the event. The team needs to start making preperations for the area and we need a rough head count on the attendees. Thanks in advance and see everyone up there. Palm Grunt
  5. I'm in for 3 coins when the time comes.
  6. PayPaled for 2 coins on the 14th. Sorry for being late on the posting.
  7. I've found close to 10-12 coins to include USA, State, and personal coins.
  8. Cache page has been approved. Here is the link: Get Some Crack v2.0 Event Cache I hope this link stuff works out ok.
  9. PDXMM - I just picked up an Indiana coin and I'm located in PDX. We can meet anywhere in the PDX metro area. Let me know what you would like to do.
  10. I have an unregistered Colorado geocoin to trade. I am looking for an Idaho (non-engraved) or unregistered Geowoodstock in return. Also I have a 2004 Pure Silver USA geocoin for trade. I am looking to trade for a Moun10Bike coin for our Army geocaching team, Team Redleg. We are getting ready to deploy to Afghanistan and wanted to take a Moun10Bike coin on the deployment with us. We will hit a few posts in the states before we fly to Kuwait and then Afghanistan. Our goal is to share it with as many military cachers as possible while training and during the deployment. Please send me an email if anyone is interested in either trade or know of someone who might be. Thanks.
  11. My 5 & 7 y/o boys would be all over that. I let them carry a regular geocoin when we cache and they can track their miles of caching.
  12. Some of my co-workers and I have our own team. Our only guideline is that two or more members of the team have to cache together for it to count as a team credit. Each cacher gets to claim individual credit for the cache also. We all have the passwords to the account but one of us is the overall manager for it. It's a technique we use and it has worked well so far. Palm Grunt
  13. Count me in for two coins when the details are final. Palm Grunt
  14. Count us in for the event. We will be coming up from Portland to attend. Palm Grunt
  15. Count me in the group also. Thanks. Palm Grunt
  16. I will be in Little Rock from 17-29 APR 05 attending a course at Camp Robinson. I will have evenings free and the weekend of 23-24 APR for caching. I have 3 other co-workers with me who might want to cache also. We will be staying near the Clinton Library. I have about 30 caches plugged in my GPSr and will be caching when I get a chance. If anyone is interested in caching with someone from out of town please let me know. I can be contacted at jasonphelan@comcast.net. Thanks, Jason
  17. Any new activity on planning the climb? There are 2-3 of us from Team Redleg wanting to go. Once the dates get firmed up we can look at our training calendars to de-conflict it. Some of us have military schools to go to starting in mid-August, so the sooner a date is decided the better for us. Palm Grunt
  18. Works great with my Nextel Blackberry 7520. Thanks for the page. Palm Grunt
  19. Russ, I have purchased all my GPS'rs from REI since the early '90's. They offer a lifetime gaurantee on all products sold. I had a Garmin 12 for about 7 years and it had a software failure and they exchanged it for a new one no questions asked. Then 2 years ago that one had a few bugs in it and they upgraded me to a eTrex Legend at no cost. Recently I purchased a Garmin 60cs which had several bugs in it causing it not to lock onto positions and again a no questions asked exchange. I use a GPS alot for my job, US Army, and tend to find every problem that can occur with one. I use them for regular geocaching on my time off, route movement, resupply caches, medivac missions, and calling in field artillery fires. Just my .02 cents worth on this subject. Palm Grunt
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