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  1. Q1 - Yes you can load the software on multiple computers; I have it on my laptop and desktop at work and my computer at home. I don't remeber if you have to register the software or not. If you have any other mapping software from Garmin and want to use it on more than 2 units you will have to purchase additional registration codes.


    Q2 - No the software program does not make the Legend capable of auto-routing.

  2. A cache I just placed a few days ago had a 1st and 2nd finders prize. The 1TF was a new Belkins 4 port USB hub vacum packed by a food saver and the 2TF was a Regal Cinema movie pass and PDX geocoin, sealed in the same manner.

  3. Typical NW wet weather gear (GORE-Tex), good hiking boots, a trekking pole or hiking staff at a minimum and a flashlight. Then you have the normal items that you bring. I normally bring my Jetboil with me to make some hot drinks and a meal while at the cache site.


    As of right now snow is not in the forecast. I submitted my request for good weather for that weekend; I'm just waiting for it to get approved.


    For pictures of the area you can view the photos on the Crack of the Gods page.


    Just to set everyones mind at ease; Klossners 12 year old daughter made it up to the site in spectacular fashion.

  4. Looking for:


    Washington/Mt St Helens

    Volunteer coin



    Traveling Viking

    GBA Faultline

    GBA Microchip

    CCGC Monterrey Bay

    GCC: First Finders Dance

    World of Geocaching


    I have my pdxmarathonman polished gold geocoin for trade.  I'll consider a trade of my LE polished nickel of which there are only 40 minted and 15 remaining for the right trade.  I should have a couple of SYF and Compass Rose '06 coins soon.



    Email inbound on one of your coins you are looking for.



  5. Hey everyone,


    I'm heading up to the Crack in the morning to do some cache maintenance for Colorado Jones. Is anyone interested in joining me for the trek up there, I'll drive since I'm already going there?


    I live in Parkrose and could meet you at the Parkrose/Sumner transit center. I plan to leave around 7:30 in the morning. I'm also going to place another cache in the area of the Crack if you wanted to help with that too.


    Email me if interested.




  6. I paln to spend either Friday or Saturday trekking on up to the Crack of the Gods to do some cache maintenance and to place another cache in the area. It's such a same to hike in so far for just one cache.


    Anyway I am placing this and it will be active the day of my Get Some Crack event cache on 14 January.

  7. My two are still nice and shiny on the cut edges.


    Personally I drink my margaritas out of a sippy-cup to avoid spilling on them when I flash my SWAGS bling-bling. But after a few too many margaritas I tend to start flashing everyone while I wear my Utilikilts anyway.


    Well anyway my coin edges are doing just fine.

  8. +1 on the Walmart.


    After reading a post on night caching I was interested in Fire Tacks also. Recently I did a night cache and it used reflective tacks and it was awesome.


    I picked up some reflective tacks at Walmart made by H.S. Archery Accessories called Reflective Tail Tacks. They were on clearance for $.50 a pack, normally they run $2, and there are 50 tacks per package. I picked up 6 packages for myself and a co-worker.


    Save the money and get the Walmart if you want basic reflective tacks. Fire Tacks makes 4-5 different kinds.

  9. Actually I have been "caching" in the Army for 16 years and the depth perception is horrible. I don’t know how many times I have fallen down or tripped over a limb or branch. Unless there is enough ambient light from the moon/stars it is hard to see small details.


    Now one cool option would be to put infrared (IR) reflective tape on the cache container and use the IR light that is on the surplus military night vision. This would be like the reflective trail markers used for some of the night caches I’ve seen or done.


    I can tell you if I saw someone around my neighborhood with night vision on I would most likely call the police.


    But the IR idea would work great but it but expensive considering the cost of night vision devices.

  10. My wife and I saw one during the summer of '95, we were dating then, heading to Saddle Mountain State Park in Oregon.


    While driving the 9 mile or so road from Hwy 26 to the parking lot/campground we rounded one of the corners going about 40 mph and we both saw an object 8-9 feet tall sitting on a stump resting near a tree. When we passed the "big hairy thing" it moved and that's when we noticed it. We did a double take and screamed at each other asking if we had seen that thing. It was way to large to be a human figure and the hair was about 4 inches long. It kind of looked like "Cousin It". Needless to say I hit the gas and got the hell out of there.


    When I was in 6th grade, 1981, my teachers husband and a few of his friends illegally went into the restricted zone at Mt. St.Helens. While they were in the restricted area they came upon some Bigfoot tracks in the ash on one of the slopes of the mountain. He brought back pictures for the class to see. At first I thought it was a fake until I got out of high school and visted with my teacher and her husband and he told the story again and still had the photos of the footprints.


    As the Mythbusters would say ..... this story is confirmed, at least on my part.

  11. Let's try this one again. I had "Get Some Crack v2.0" scheduled for 24 SEP 2005. I deployed to Louisiana with the Army to conduct humanitarian operations for hurricanes Katrina & Rita and had to cancel the event.


    Here's the link to the event cache page: Get Some Crack v2.1


    Date/time: 14 January, 2006, 8:00 am


    Here's a link to Crack of the Gods cache page.


    On a side note. My 36th birthday is 12 January, 2006 and this event is a present to myself and I would love to celebrate it with everyone else.


    If you have any questions please let me know. I hope to see many of you there.


    Jason -aka- Palm Grunt

  12. Coins I'd like to trade for:


    Midwest Geobash


    Compass Rose

    Selective Availability (Coin Club)

    ROT13 (Coin Club)

    Or any other interesting offers that I didn't think of, send me an email


    Coins I can trade:

    Maryland (trackable)

    Michigan (trackable)

    New Jersey (trackable)

    European Union (trackable)

    New Mexico (trackable)

    Screw geocoin (trackable) (still coming)

    Western Tennessee (trackable) (still coming)

    Alabama (trackable) (still coming)

    Pennsylvania (trackable) (still coming)

    Delaware (trackable) (still coming)

    Georgia (trackable) (still coming)

    Nevada (still coming)

    Wisconsin (still coming)

    Email sent.

  13. I'm flying out to Orlando on 4 NOV for a business seminar and would be happy to drop off some bugs or coins in the Orlando area. If you are near the PDX area and would like me to drop some items off for you please let me know.


    I will be attending an event, yet to be published, at the Edgefield McMenamins the evening of 3 NOV and would be happy to collect the items at that time too.


    Please email me if you are interested.


    Thanks in advance.


    Jason -aka- Palm Grunt

  14. I will be in Orlando attending a seminar at the Disney Institute from 5-10 NOV. I am looking for a few cachers to meet with after business hours to do some caches with.


    I am also looking for a travel bug lounge in the area to drop some bugs and coins into. I will bring some trade items and coins if anyone just wants trade. I will be receiving the new PDX geocoins, the Portland, OR geocoin, the night before I fly out.


    If anyone is interested in getting together you can email me.


    Thanks in advance.


    Jason -aka- Palm Grunt

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