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  1. Thanks for the newsletter. The coin is fabulous!
  2. They're just as beautiful in person - maybe even more so. We're really looking forward to the Event.
  3. I would like to have 3. I went to your website, but don't see the Meh posted yet.
  4. Outstanding, I can't wait to see the finished product.
  5. Hey Tequila - Thanks for the link. We went there and read the threads. Ended up downloading Internet Explorer 8 as well as Active X - it finally works! BTW, my drink of choice. Thanks again, Lost-A-Pair
  6. Thank YOU! We upgraded to Explorer 8 and downloaded Active-X - finally it's working.
  7. Did this JUST start happening with your downloads or has it been going on for awhile? Los-a-Pair
  8. Hi, I have the same problem. Been downloading waypoints from Groundspeak for ages. All of a sudden it does not work - I get an error message to install "plug-ins" - we do that and get zero results. We have another computer in the house, and that one seems to work just fine. We've been working on different things - reinstalling Garmin software, downloading drivers, etc. andnothing seems to work. We'll keep checking the forums to see if you get a response. FRUSTRATING!!! Thanks, Lost-A-Pair
  9. I can send photos if you send your e-mail address to bt99cjc@bendcable.com Regards, CJ
  10. no it is not cheeting, by the way i have some old brass cases, now that is old
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