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  1. yellow-bird

    Garmin 295w

    I have used this gps for geocaching with great success and was wondering ,if, anybody else uses it.
  2. yellow-bird


    You do realize that GPSr are not just for geocaching. I use mine for a lot of things. I use it to mark hunting locations as well as for hiking trails. And I know I have needed to change out my batteries several times while out hiking or geocaching. I am glad that they take common AA batteries and not some nonstandard battteries. This might be an usefull,I use it all the time.
  3. All them bells and whistles,that you really don't need.I use an solar charger.Neat as can be,especially ,You guessed it,in the back country ,no electricity. Some day gps manufacturers will have solar powered gps's.Oh,,gee,did I give them an profitable idea?
  4. yellow-bird

    Solar Power

    It seems to me,with all the gismos added to gps's that you don't need,that some company hasn't thought of solar power rechargeable gps's. I constantly read about battery drainage as an huge problem.
  5. yellow-bird

    geomate jr

    Question was answered real quick by an geomate jr. affiliate. Yes, under custom caches you can enter co-ordinances and save them to the geomate jr. .
  6. Sometimes ,You can learn from children.
  7. Sometimes ,You can learn from children.
  8. A geomate jr., from Apisphere, might be what you need. You can put in custom caches,that you hide yourself,and let the children find them.It also comes with caches pre-installed for your area.You will need one update kit to update all the geomates.It is very easy and very accurate.
  9. yellow-bird

    geomate jr

    Does anyone know what the custom cache button is? I got an email update from Apishpere. The Geomate, Jr. can now be loaded with custom caches. That means that you can put geocaches from other sources than Geocaching.com into the device. This requires the Update Kit, of course. Loading custom caches is done by going to the webpage: http://www.mygeomate.com/updatesdate site? Is this right?
  10. Threads catch attention,I sure removed my garmin nuvi from my Dodge Viper.
  11. yellow-bird

    Garmin recall

    Garmin is recalling ,Nuvi 200w,250w,260w,7xx,and7xxt,, Batteries may catch fire according to cnn tech.
  12. I thought ,I would add this tidbit.I use an garmin etrex legend for hiking (because it works) and an geomate jr. for caching (because it works). I have an english pointer (dog),(because he works). I trained him to find hidden caches,I get him close and he goes and sits by the cache. I think the geomate jr. is simple and accurate and I may teach him how to use it. Oh did I mention ?I'm retired,I(don't work)..Ha,Ha,Ha
  13. yellow-bird

    Geomate Jr.

    I used the geomate jr. on an trip from California to Florida and let me say ,This gps works AAAA++++. Gone are the days of having to take confusing steps on an computer to have fun.A flawless little gem ,it is. Of course,there will be old schoolers ,that will disagree,because of the simplicity of it. I will bet that Magellan and Garmin will not be long introducing one of their own.I bet ,they are kicking theirselves for not being first. One last thing, It makes geocaching fun and introduces the youngsters to an great outdoor pastime without hassles.
  14. I just gave an geomate jr. an extensive workout. Cached from Riverside,Ca. to Louisianna and I have one thing to say actually two. First for geocaching only ,It ranks up there with the best.Second,I bet that Garmin,Magellan and the rest wished they thought of it.
  15. I have the cable for this gps and have been using google map through Groundspeak to load caches,simple and easy.
  16. What I need is advice. What baud and nema settings do I need to update firmware?? The sportrac searches but will not lock on ,It keeps searching for an connection.I am using the serial to usb connection. Does any one out there have an solution??
  17. yellow-bird

    gps compass

    I was wondering which gps has an electronic 3-axis compass that is self calibrating?
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