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  1. I just have to bring in some humor about wasting battery life.Yesterday, I was at a park and was observing a geocacher ,looking for a cache.He was so intent looking at his gps that he walked smack into a tree.The cache was some 70 yards away.I have seen this happen several times.I saw one fellow flip over a fallen log,staring at his gps.Now,why have your gps on using the battery up ,if, you know which direction the cache is until you get way closer.

  2. Well, look at it this way Splashy,what fun geocachers will have when people try to find caches placed with these Monterras,with compass problems.I hope they don't place any caches after all that is the other fun side of caching.I for one don't relish searching a long way from posted gz.I will stick with my"old reliable".Garmin does have other good gps's,they have the same name,(Discontinued).

  3. I have to come to the defense of the Garmin techs that worked with the 60csx,I have had no problems with it for many,many years.I call it "old reliable".I am not against advanced technology,but, I do not like frustration.I look at the price of the latest gps's and the complaints and I know ,there are better units at a 3rd of the cost.I am going to take a look at the Garmin 64 series just to see if they measure up to "old reliable".

  4. My Garmin 60csx is still my main workhorse.I still don't think that any of the new ones VASTLY improve on its accuracy.My wife bought an box at an estate sale years ago and it sat in my garage for years.My Son opened the box last year and there were 4 60csx's,3cx's and 2cs's.All were still in original boxes.She paid $8 for the box,now,I call that a sale !!!!!

  5. Here you go, stop wasting your time with it!





    I'm with you,ever since Garmin introduced the new Etrex models and Monterra all I read is drama.I see people suggesting for newbies to get them,that is an quick way to discourage a beginner to geocaching.It's great to advance technology,IF,you advance the techs along with it,turning consumers into techs is bad business,putting profit before quality will bite you in the end.This is not an rant just the hard facts.

  6. I am very surprised that no one mentions an external antenna.The 60's series can use one,so can 76 series.My wife and I hike all the national forests and believe me,the external antenna is a must for drawing in the sats signals.Try one and you will see for yourself.They are relatively inexpensive,we use gillson antennas,but,there are others.Many gpsr's don't have the connection and that is unfortunate.

  7. Thanks all. I'm always respectful to authority (lot of family in the service & law enforcement, and I respect the hell out of what they do), and wasn't planning on lying. I was curious about how everyone handles it.


    I LOVE the brochure idea, i'll print off half a dozen and keep them in the car. Since I cache mostly at night, I assume i'll have a few more run ins than the day cachers will.


    Thanks all!

    Agreed, you didn't mention anything about lying so I was confused about the slant towards denigrating that behavior. Your interest is how to best provide the truth and so the most effective way to get the point across while creating the least amount of tension.


    I have ran into caches placed by stores and banks,,Why even try ,especially at night.Always use GOOD judgment.The cache owners with common sense would say in the description that they are Daytime ONLY.

  8. From knowing persons at Delorme,They really tend to getting their gpsr's working correctly.New models of other gpsr's tend to introduce models with bugs time and time again.You will find 60's series as they are not discontinued.

  9. Also, adding GLONASS reception isn't just about improving accuracy, it's also about improving the reliablity of your position fix. With GLONASS turned on, my Etrex 30 regularly gets a fix from 10 or more satellites - even in difficult locations where my GPSMap 60CSx struggles to get 4 or 5 satellites. It makes the difference between getting a good fix, and not getting a fix at all.

    I have to add this, I use an external antenna on my 60cx and on my 76csx.I see the signal strength bars really extend theirselves and the epe improves dramatically.I know that alot of gpsr's do not have that antenna jack,but,for the one's that do have it, try it and you will be surprised.

  10. I have noticed that the Garmin 60 series,especially the 60csx holds an high resale value even if they are discontinued.I own both the cs and csx and I can see why they do.Does anyone else agree or are they still dealing with the new etrex series frustration?

  11. My experience with 2.71.


    A bit of an improvement over 2.7. I got a sticky in a park that was fairly open, I was under a single tree. A reboot got it back on track. I was in the woods and was going down the wrong path before it started slowly swinging around. I then realized I also had glonass enabled. I turned off glonass, rebooted and it seemed to work pretty good the rest of the day. It was mostly open the rest of the day so I don't yet have a solid opinion other than glonass sucks swap water.


    Was hoping for some positive 2.71 feedback from this weekends outings... Yours isn't a great start .

    I hope you all keep the pressure on Garmin and get good results before their famous word comes out,,,,DISCONTINUED.

  12. Support also said this is not a reported problem... So it's not going to change anytime soon. ( guess we are preaching to the choir talking on this forum) I GIVE UP! I tried. Moving on to a different device. Thanks to all that chatted with me about this. Cheers!

    Garmin has great marketing and paid reviewers and I can't help but think of this quote ....You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.”

    ― Abraham Lincoln

  13. I was wondering if anybody has suspected the antenna? I do know it has alot to do with reception since a gps is an receiver.All in all the better the antenna the better the reception of the receiver.A question for Garmin would be is the antenna in these new models properly TUNED to the new satellites{glonass}+ [gps] signals???? Just an thought,but,from what I read it may be the problem.

  14. I would like to know how accurate the TrackBack feature goes because of hanging and slow catching up.I myself,would not put up with aggravation.I just wouldn't trust them on an real hike.It is too bad because the older Garmins work well on a whole.

  15. Thank you sir!!!! Let the testing begin!!!!


    Day 1 test results: UGH!!!!!!!


    Really ? How bad is bad ? Details.


    The firmware version number changed... That's it! I'm really bummed .


    How about supplying some useful details. A post that is "ugh" in its entirety is not helpful, nor is this one. The firmware number change from 61 beta to 70 was expected. Exactly what problems are you still having with the 2.70 release? Thank you.


    Sorry bout that.... I was really tired after a long day hike in the woods. (and really let down) I plan to do several days of testing to be sure before shooting a video of its horrible geocaching performance with 2.70 . If you watch the last video I shot.... Well, it's the same. The sticky issue shown is my only issue with the device... And I'm very happy with all other aspects of it.


    It's nice to see someone take their time for the benefit of others. Nicely done.

  16. You mean to tell me that Garmin does not have one tech that can go out and duplicate this problem with the new etrex line?Where is the quality control?From reading all the sticky issues,I come to an conclusion that newer is not always better as companies seek cheaper ways to produce products.In the end Garmin will fix the problem,but, it should not have existed and released to the consumer.

  17. Thanks for the input so far. I don't think it's the cable because I can send waypoints to my computer through the cable.

    I don't know, really frustrating.

    Taking for granted that you can follow directions,go to the Delorme forum and find the HARD format of the pn20 than download firmware 1.6 to desktop.Install AFTER format.SIMPLE,EASY.Remove sd card during process.

  18. I have used Delormes for a long time and mainly have found out by other owners that they tend to want to install the wrong firmware update.They must match the firmware to their software version.This especially true with the pn30,40 and 60.Many are taking the test without studying.

  19. For construction jobs this new system should significantly reduce the cost and reduce errors.


    But for geo-caching, I don't know if it is enjoyable to locate a catche that you know it's location within a centimeter.


    The only solution I could think off is to hide the cache off-set by few meters to keep the mystery.

    I agree with TheArabianHunter,I performed an test with my friends gps's.I used my surveying equipment and a trimble geoxt to find a location.I tested for 30 days, same times,same weather,samelocation and 3 times daily.I tried to upload a pic ,but, too much trouble.I found starting with a garmin legend 8' from location,,geomate jr.8.5'from location,,bushnell 350 8' from location,,,delorme pn 30 3'from location,,delorme pn 20 1'from location,,,garmin vista H 1' from location.All were averaged separately at end for results.I can't see why anyone would need to be closer to find a cache.One other interesting thing was the legend was west of location,the geomate,delorme30,delorme20 and vistaH were north of location,the bushnell was east of the location.

  20. I read on the Garmin site that the new etrex's 10,20and 30's are able to acquire these and load 20% faster.My question is,,will other gps's do the same?The Russian Federation suppose to have these in 2012.

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