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  1. Okiewan and Minimike, and all of my other brothers in arms, US Army Nurse Corps 1966-1987 12th Evac Hospital, Cu Chi, RVN, July 69-July 70. Last two assignments were in Berlin and Landstuhl, Germany.
  2. The Mapsource TOPO series is SERIOUSLY out of date. The topo data is still pretty good, but the rest of the features are about 15 years old. I purchased the latest version that Academy Sports carried and it was about 12 years out of date for my area. I use Delorme Topo for looking at possible routes to caches. It doesn't load topo data to my etrex, but it does at least have current information.
  3. It gets me outside, doing something that I can take my 7 and 8 year old grandsons along, and we all have fun. I have to look for caches that have containers (Not Micros) so the boys can trade something. They love the hunt, and it makes me get out for excercise.
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