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  1. Sorry for the new post, I neglected to mention that this idea of "if its not broke dont try to fix it", is all wrong, it IS broke *LOL* thats the point, its not geared towards Canadians and though some seem shy to new ideas Canadians (without a doubt) would enjoy the benefits of having a Canadian Oriented geocache site. As for the "well geocaching website attracts international viewers, how would we get exposure", I just scratch my head to that statement, I thought this site was about being able to log and share caches, period, if there is a system that makes it more intuitive for Canadians and still keeps the spirit of the old site I say go for it. Why doesnt someone get Jeremy on this ? see what he has to say, perhaps hes working on some of these features we would like. Thats it ! Enjoy !!
  2. Well looking at the poll more people want a "Canada Oriented" geocaching website, I mean I for one think its about time. Will someone actually take the initiative and start it ? I would love to but I wouldnt know how to start one. I love all the ideas put forth, Canadian cache reviewers, searching within Canada by province or whatever, bi-lingual access. Of course since Alberta will probably be seperating from Canada soon maybe we should just exclude Klein and klan for now Thats it ! Enjoy !!
  3. in reply to gm100's ??? question my dad actually looks after the cache I placed, hes with me when i place it and he does the upkeep, he likes it. He would actually like to get into the sport but he cant justify it to himself when there are so little caches in the area. Thats it ! Enjoy !!
  4. I think there are a lot of people replying here that dont know what I mean by "southern ontario". I am not talking Guelph or Toronto. Think south of that, hence southern ontario. I mentioned in my post that it wasent until I could get ABOVE (north of) sarnia that I would find any caches. Here is the list, including the cache I setup. 1. "CCCA" by Team Obsession 2. "MDS Cache" by Goat6500 3. "Anishinaabe Quercus" by Don and Erin 4. "3%" by bapper2 5. "Ghost Train 2003" by BCGuy Thats it for lower southern ontario. I was just kind of suprised, this is a challenge for all geocachers in that area. Instead of traveling far to get caches start planting ones around you. Next time I go back to Windsor for a visit I will have to plant a few more caches. One poster was right in noting that Windsor is no better then an extension of the U.S., sad but true. Thats it ! Enjoy !!
  5. I only started geocaching this past christmas and before I left Ontario (Windsor, Ontario to be exact), I planted my own cache. Me and my dad picked up every single cache we could find and we only found three, not three finds, three caches for all of southern ontario TOTAL. It appeared I would have to get above Sarnia before I saw anything else and even then the caches were few. I guess this is more of a whining post but I am hoping more caches are placed to spur on more interest. Thats it ! Enjoy !!
  6. I think having a Canadian-only site would be a great idea ! Thats it ! Enjoy !!
  7. I just started geocaching this past christmas and the first thing I noticed about the Windsor area is a real lack of caches (3 that I knew of, one of which is lost and the owner hasent updated it). So before I left Ontario for home (Vancouver) I placed the "Ghost Train 2003" cache. Hopefully as more and more people plop caches around the growth of geocachers will be exponential. Thats it ! Enjoy !!
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