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  1. I was casually browsing the cache map around Texas, and noticed a pretty sizable gap of caches in the northwestern part of Houston. It seems pretty surprising to me that there'd be that big of a dead zone in a major urban area like that, so I'm curious to know if there's some other factor that has made that area empty. My best guess is that it's ultimately attributable to Houston's unusual urban layout, but I'd like to know if anyone has any better insight on it.
  2. GSAK is great, but unfortunately, it's only available for Windows. Do you have a non-Chromebook computer you can try it on? If you have an Android phone, you can even try it with that, provided you have a USB OTG adapter, which are super cheap if you don't (though be super careful if you go that route, I screwed up my old eTrex 20 by accidently formatting the memory when I plugged it into my phone). If you can't do it with another device, then it's probably some sort of issue with the memory of the GPSr. If it works fine, it probably has to do with some quirk of Chrome OS.
  3. It probably has to do with Android battery optimization. This has happened to me with a number of apps, including the Geocaching app. The way to fix it is to go to Settings > Battery > Battery optimization > Geocaching > Don't optimize (though that path may vary slightly depending on your OEM and version of Android, that's in Android 11 on my OnePlus 7 Pro).
  4. I've had this problem a handful of times as well, and the best solution I've come up with is just to clear data for the Geocaching app in settings. The only inconvenience that results is that I have to log back into the app afterwards, but that's a relatively minor issue. This other solution looks promising, though, and a little quicker. I'll have to check it out.
  5. There's a lot of caches near where I live that are nice caches, but have long inactive owners. I recently emailed one of the owners to inquire about adopting his cache, and I was luckily able to hear back from him and adopt the cache. I figured I might as well try with some of the other caches that are in a similar situation. I went to email one of the owners, but got the following error message "The user selected has invalidated his or her account. You cannot send email to this user." This raises a few questions: First, what does it mean to invalidate one's account? Second, how/why is it that this can be done without adopting off/archiving all owned caches? Finally, does this mean there is no way to contact this CO? They own several popular caches in my area, so it would be nice to keep at least a few of them from their inevitable doom.
  6. I'm working on creating a series of challenge caches. I am in the process of creating the listings for the challenges, but am struggling to determine appropriate difficulty ratings for them. I wanted to see if anyone has some input they could share on this. Thanks!!
  7. Today, I was out caching, and ended up out of the bounds of the pocket query I had run for the day. To compensate, I ran one from my Android phone, downloaded it there, then copied the caches to my Garmin eTrex 20 with a USB-C to Mini USB cable, a process which I have done on several occasions before. In this instance however, I did something, I'm not quite sure what, to format the internal storage of the GPS. It replaced all the files stored on the device with only two folders: "Android" and "LOST.DIR". I ended up just using my phone for the remainder of my caching adventures for the day, with the intent to take a closer look on my computer when I got home. After trying to recreate the Garmin and GPX folders, then copied files there; however, this was unsuccessful. I then attempted to do a full reset of the GPS. This also did not work, leaving the internal storage as is. The device still works normally, so I didn't delete any operating system files, I just can't seem to upload GPX files anymore. Any help in getting this restored would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Edit: The map is also gone. This isn't the end of the world for me, since they were terrible anyway, and I never relied on them. Additional edit: All the languages that aren't English are gone. Again, not a big deal for me since I speak English, but I want to give as much info as possible.
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