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  1. Not sure what you mean here. As far as I have seen the only way to put waypoints into it is to put them in as custom POIs. In this case, deleting them is easy because when you load POIs it erases what is there and loads the new ones. So to get rid of your 400 geocaches, simply load a POI file with 1 point (0 might work but I havnt tried it). I put several hundred caches in for our vacation out west. They were gone when I loaded a few dozen for an outing near home.
  2. I picked up a c320 about six weeks ago. My requriements were similar, it had to be easy to move between vehicles and easy enough for the wife to operate by herself. I did quite a bit of research and had it narrowed down to the i3 and c320. After several stops I finally found a store that had both on display so I could play with them. It was a no-brainer, the larger screen and touchscreen interface made the c320 worth the extra money. I used it on our recent 3000 mile vacation and am very pleased. The wife didnt have any problems figuring it out to find us a restaurant or motel. I wasnt really interested in the voice prompts but now find I like them. There is really only one thing is difficult. If your destination does not appear on one of the units lists (one of the built-in points of interest) getting the destination is a pain. You can spell it, but I didnt have much luck with that. It didnt "find" Cody, WY when we were about 150 miles away and I spelled it out. You can also pan around the map and select but that is just slow and awkward. My solution was to put major things I was likely to want as destinations into the unit as POIs. I got mine at amazon.com. They have it unit for 309.99 right now with free "super saver" shipping. You can get free 2nd day (or $4 overnight) by signing up for their Amazon Prime. If you get offered a free trial of Prime, take it. I was able to "pre-cancel" it right from my account page.
  3. Unfortunately that tells you when the web page was last updated, not when the cache info was last updated. Adding a log to the cache causes the "Last Updated" date to change. I agree that a last modified date/time for the description, D/T ratings, coordinates and even the attributes would be nice. Having them would not make any difference to many people though. For example, my pocket query runs on a certain day and unless I get a "cache has been disabled/archived" email, I dont worry about changes between the PQ and my hunt. Yep, once in a while I DNF because of changed data.....Im okay with that because I rarely spend more than 5-10 minutes hunting unless I know it is a particularly difficult cache and it has been found recently.
  4. Yep (another picture). They are about the size of a pencil-top eraser.
  5. Now that is annoying! WHen I emailed about it they said that part affects the water resistence so the unit has to be sent to them for repair (presumably so it can be repaired "correctly" and retain the IPX rating). I used some stuff called Badge Magic, made for attaching patches to uniforms, to reattach mine. It has even held the place on the top curve where the rubber bumper tore all the way across.
  6. Just re-ran mine and got the same number in the PQ as the preview. 'Course Im home from the trip now, oh well....
  7. Another "me too", though my emailed query is not empty. It has around 115 caches instead of the 450 that show in the preview.
  8. Good catch webscouter. I renamed my routes before saving and it works.
  9. Im not able to save the uploaded route. It shows in the list but when I check the box and hit "Save Selected Routes" nothing happens. Im returned to a page with just the Browse and Upload buttons and it says "No routes found..." I get the same results with a 15 mile route (3 points) or a 300 mile route (125 points).
  10. Im looking for a GPS/portable nav system for use in the car. It needs to be able to display upcoming caches, but be simple enough that the wife can use it by herself. Ive narrowed it down to four Garmin StreetPilots: the i3, i5, c320 and c330. The c320 and c330 have a little bigger screen, but otherwise there are three major features Im not sure about: * i3 and i5 use AA batteries while the c320 and c330 have built-in rechargables. +1 for the i3/i5 * the i3 and c320 use City Select on a media card. The i5 has City Navigator NT pre-programmed. The c330 has City Select pre-programmed. Dont know which is the better option here. * the i3 uses a removable "TransFlash" memory card for map storage. The c320 uses a SD memory card. The i5 and c330 dont have a removable memory card. I SD is probably a better choice than the TransFlash, but I dont know if it matters. Anyone have any experience with these units?
  11. I imagine youd get better response by posting in the "Great Plains" forum here (that is where they put Iowa). Or even better response posting in the appropriate regional forum on the IGO site (forums.iowageocachers.org).
  12. Bedrock Cache is a little ways away (maybe 10-15 minutes depending on traffic), but is very neat. There are several others in the area to make it worth while but I havnt done most of them so cant make any specific recommendations.
  13. * Take your friends and family out caching. * Hide more caches yourself. * Host an event. Put up flyers at anyplace outdoorsy people frequent. * Set up a "class" through the local community college (do you have a Kirkwood branch?). * Attend someone elses event and meet the other locals. * Be active in the forums, both here and at forums.iowageocachers.org. * There are a couple of groups in Illinois. I dont know which one is most active across the river from you, but find out and become active in their forums. Just some ideas....
  14. And by the way... sending email to the geocacing.com account of people who are nowhere near Keokuk is not the way to gain support. Some people would consider this SPAM.
  15. A little over four weeks till the event. Dont forget to register, a couple of the activities may be canceled or restricted if attendence is low. Follow the link from the cache page for registration info. If you are wanting to stay in an area motel, be sure to get your reservations made early. That is graduation weekend for Wartburg College so rooms will be hard to get at the last minute. If you want to camp, but are not up for the lack of services at the event site, here are a couple of nearby campgrounds: George Wyth State Park, Blackhawk County Park
  16. Ive done a few of these for research and show cars. It is a very ambitious project, but not technically difficult. Interfacing with a touch screen is trivial if you use an off-the-shelf touch controller. This turns the low-level signals into a stream of serial data that contains x, y, and tap/release type info. If your OS has drivers, it just looks like a mouse input. Controlling fuel and timing (or anything else on the vehicle) will be expensive at best, more practically it is impossible. Information like this is very closely guarded. Membership to the industry group that controls it costs a minimum of $7500. Things to consider when deciding on hardware: temperature range, power requirements, power conditioning, file system integrity, size/mounting location, display brightness (you want bright during the day, dim at night) Anyway....Im not trying to discourage you, just sharing some of what Ive learned the hard way.
  17. Oh Yah....did you see that the Cache Bash is in April this year. It is in the DM area again so not too far for you.
  18. Sure, come on over. Please put a note on the cache page though so we have an idea of how many folks will attend.
  19. Died, but apprently not picked up.
  20. Registration information is now available for Iowas largest event, the Ingawansi Geocache Outing For more information visit the event information page
  21. Registration information is finally available for this event. See the cache page (linked in OP) or the event information page: here edit: put the wrong url in the link
  22. Thanks. It isnt as big as the GeoBash, but it should be fun. And we have another one just a month later. That one we will take over the whole Boy Scout camp for 2 days.
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