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  1. Ive recently been playing with Opera (version 6) and am unable to log into the forums with it. I can log into the main web site alright, but when I go to the forums my login did not get "forwarded" to InfoPop. Of course using the login link on the forum page takes me back to the main site. I have tried having the browser report as Opera, Mozilla and IE with no luck. Any thoughts? WindChill
  2. For caches that are listed on multiple web sites, I wonder how many people only log a find on one site. WindChill
  3. In addition to Grandmaster Caches suggestions, I would contact the CC company and let them persue it. Most CCs have a policy where they will help resolve this kind of problem. Some even have additional guarantees about protection from online fraud. The one time I have done this, the CC company "refunded" me over $300 from a company that was no longer in business (but was under investigation by the States Attorney General), even though I no longer carried their card. WindChill
  4. quote: I always wonder what somebody found special enough about a location to put a cache in it when it's being overlooks by 5 apartments or a parkinglot. So did I until I did some this weekend. These were both very open, in fact I could see the ammo cans from 10-20 feet away. The challenge was not finding the can, it was retreiving, logging and returning it without being "caught". Ill still go after these, particularly if they have a puzzle to get to the spot (as these did), but I prefer the good hike to a beautiful spot. WindChill
  5. Is someone capturing these for an actual list? Maybe it could be placed in, or on the same page as, the FAQ. WindChill
  6. Thinking out loud, how about an ammo can as a travel bug. I buy one here and its goal is to make it to Capn Skully in LA. Yah, then we do this over and over till he has how many he needs. Sure, it would work....Right? ...Ok, maybe not.... WindChill
  7. Count me in...I also know one newbie and one non-cacher that would be interested, depending on the date/location etc. Let us know what you are thinking and how we can help. WindChill
  8. I realize it doesnt help you, but I can get individual 50cal cans at the local farm store (Theisens) for about $3.50-$4.00. If there is someplace similar near you it is worth checking. WindChill
  9. WindChill


    I leared about caching from an article in Boys Life (the scouting magazine). I was hooked before I finished the article but figured there wouldnt be many caches near me in Vinton. WOW! I was surprised, Welch has one about three blocks from my house (Riverside Cache). Since then the kids and I have done a few more from Welch and part of icepak's Lucky 7. Is anyone thinking about a gathering this summer yet? WindChill
  10. Interesting discussion, here is my two cents worth. Adding LB stuff to this site may increase awareness of LBing, but I wonder how much because GC.com already makes mention of LBing on the links page and in periodic discussion threads. The potential is to inform someone who hasnt looked at the links page and who doesnt read the boards. My first thought was to treat LB "caches" the way benchmarks are treated, with their own area of the site. This would keep them seperate, but on this site. It would also put GC.com in "direct competition" with LB.com and may begin the downward slide that someone mentioned above. The only practical issue I see is that it is yet another cache type. Which is fine, but I think as there are more types, there should be a way to filter the searches/nearest caches report to not show particular types. Which brings me to the only real issue I see for or against adding "pure letterbox" caches; Effort. No matter how they are added to the site, it takes someone some amount of time to do it. THis is time taken away from something else. So....oh nuts , that looks like four cents worth. Ok, Ill keep quiet on the next one. WindChill
  11. I use my Palm III for caching. I started by just copying all of the descriptions for the day into a memo so I could use the HintDecoder (I think it is listed on the Links page). Then I discovered GeoClipping (http://home.earthlink.net/~rschoolf/geoclipping.htm). It copies the data from the cache page, reformats it a bit and puts it on the clipboard where I paste it into a new memo. So far this system is working pretty well. WindChill
  12. I "discovered" caching a few weeks ago when I read an article in Boys Life (the Boy Scouts magazine). I was hooked before I finished the article and began researching which GPS to buy immediately.
  13. Just remember, to use the ALT + Number method you have to type the number on the keypad. It doesnt work if you type it on the main keyboard.
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