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  1. would u go near times square area?
  2. Arent the trails color codes to distuinguish each trail from others not difficulty?
  3. will city select north america v7 work on a gpsmap 60cs? I know it is a couple years old but it still should be a good one.
  4. The map software i have is city navigator nt north america v8.
  5. is there anything on garmin that says that....i just want to make sure before i use it on other unit
  6. i know this answer is somewhere out there where i must have overlooked. I have a unlock code. how many units can i use it with? Thanks.
  7. I have a gpsmap 60cs. i would like to add a new map to it. I only have the usb cable to the unit. I need help.
  8. facebook is a networking site such as myspace but more "professional" people say. i think it is much better than myspace.
  9. they didnt come from anywhere near mahwah... well except the caches that they stole.....really they came from some military auction or whatever.....check on the GONE event website link from the event cache page. it will show you how they were selling them. not sure if any are left.
  10. if anyone is going to the beaver day, drop me a pm i should be there anyways.
  11. How can i tell if an idea i have is already thought of, without letting it out here? Is there like a site with them on it or similar thing? Thanks
  12. i saw the rebate is 50 bucks.... it is a good rebate...lol
  13. What do you recommend? I have found the gps map 60cx for $269 plus s/h.
  14. HEY jinxdude i am in the process of making my hydracache, it should be done within a couple weeks....
  15. I am looking for either : GARMIN GPS 60CS OR CSX. Please pm me here or email me via Geocaching profile. Thanks
  16. So where are all those geocachers that should be here tonight at the camp? hmmm i hope you put in the right coordinates for it! see you up there
  17. I have heard about these, saw one not in use but i am interested in making one. I have a few questions. 1. How do people place these? couldnt a cacher just pick the tube up and turn it up side down to make it fall out? 2. How far away from a watersource do you normally place it? 3. What container do peple normally use inside the tube? Would a match box (orange ones from walmart) keep dry? 4. Lastly what are the average length/height of these? Thanks
  18. if nothing else your wife and baby can be around the main part of camp. basically mary post field(where the activities sometimes would be, you can walk/hike along the reg camp roads. But if it is hott out, the palisades mall is nearby which another one mentioned.
  19. there are two caches pending approval that is close to the event. hopefully it will be published by this weekend.
  20. can you describe it better....maybe a pic
  21. Did any one notice the logo for the golf club on all the shirts that troy and other employees there wore? It looked similar to the geocaching.com logo.
  22. it does refer to headstones been turning into historical sites. "There is many very old Headstones and has been made an Historical Site."
  23. I'd suggest checking locally. Found a tee-shirt place here that does them quite reasonably. Then you don't have to pay shipping. What would a reasonable price for it to be. I would have the shirts already. I just need the actual screen. (1 color.) size would be to fit the back of the shirt.
  24. Does anyone here make silkscreens for shirts for geocaching events, or other activities. If so how much does it normally cost just for a screen. 1 color.
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