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  1. I have read about library caches that have been done. I was wondering if there is anyone out there that has completed/found one and/or has a link to a cache that is one. Also any ideas for one? I am planning one to be placed. It is for those rainy day caches and/or the times that cachers may need to use the internet/wi fi during their caching times.
  2. Its funny he actually thought his phone was waterproof. Good idea on the GPS Tracking, bad idea on thinking it would survive the Hudson River. Nothing really survives the Hudson river! Not the water, it's what's in it! Surviving the hudson? where is the missing engine from the plane? regarding the phone, wont the cell carrier be able to atleast see where it was last located before it shut off?
  3. did u see the article about one person that turned his cell phone on so if he did end up crashing and not surviving, the would be able to track him using the the gps in the phone
  4. well, i dont like to drink coffee....had it a few times.....but i do like to have coffee ice cream. Yes it may sound wierd but it is different.
  5. Food items are always a bad idea. Animals have better noses than humans, and in some cases caches have been chewed through and destroyed because of food items in a cache. Please do not put food in a cache. http://www.geocaching.com/about/hiding.aspx doesnt state exactly but it does go with rule of thumb.
  6. what about the rule of no food containers? coffee would qualify for this since coffee does stink and stays in the containers even though you wash it out.
  7. all the entrances will blocked off by a county worker or police officer and barricaded for the days that are hunting....as this was done last year
  8. When i transfer the gpx file with the cache information, it does not put in the cache hint decrypted under notes in the gps. i have the setting for it to do that but no luck, any one know how to make it work correct?
  9. I dont want to steal this thread but can the "free" version of gsak work with the macros? also, is there anyone out there that may be able to help me with gsak...if you can please send me a message via profile....ty in advance.
  10. weathernowcast....what about having a vote on the location at the next meet n greet at fudd's?
  11. walts.... i may have worded it wrong in the first post of mine. I didnt make it clear how far apart i was going to place them to make it standalone caches.
  12. thanks brian, just wanted to check it out before i actually place them. checking your cache series out now.
  13. Well, i was thinking if it could be place about a mile apart in different parks but will lead to the mystery cache from the clue.
  14. I am planning to place a cache... well a series of caches. It will be a cache which will be a mystery that will need you to find 5 other caches for a part of it. I cant place all the 5 caches in one park. i was going to place them throughout a town/ or different parks within the town. How far can / should it be from the actual mystery cache? (i know atleast tenth of a mile) Thanks,
  15. a great place for a cito would probably be south mtn reservation. it has a large presence of geocaching, many trails for hiking, plenty of parking areas, large park system. Maybe can do a monthly type of cito event that take one part of the park system at a time...
  16. there was a software/website that will breakdown the tolls for you to tell you how much it will cost total... cant find it....so i was wondering if someone else knew about it. btw there would be no way to avoid these tolls unless you go way way out of the way by going north around a few states and back down south....and if that did happen, it would spend way more in gas than the original tolls.
  17. When going to cache to cache or an event, where can i get directions that INCLUDE toll cost on the toll roads?
  18. has anyone used clay? modeling clay or similar? does it hold up to elements, wet/dry, hot/cold? thanks
  19. duplicate post......forums are acting up when posting tonight
  20. trying not to give out too much info since there are locals on this forum. the area can use a magnetic key holder, can be hidden within a shrub, under a bench, lamp post skirt, I would want the cache to be a french fry shape...
  21. nice ideas. Ill be considering giving them an index card or whatnot to the coordinates and having them find it. However it will be in a different container to have their gifts in so they can build their own. regarding the dvd with geocoin, do you have a link or know where i can find it? thanks.
  22. I am planning to get a cacher that i know a geocaching xmas present. It will be for making their first cache to hide. I am planning to get a geocoin, new tb tags, log book, cache container. Any other suggestions....
  23. okay, just wondering since there was a price difference
  24. okay, just wondering since there was a price difference
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